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[Review]: Angel Eyes

If you know melodramas, then you know Angel Eyes. If you’re expecting for something a little out of the ordinary…bless you, because I can tell you right here and now that all your guesses and predictions for the series will be correct. The most surprising thing about the drama is how much more tolerant you […]

[Review]: Nail Shop Paris

K-Dramas have a distinctive glittery fluff that can be described as the cupcakes of entertainment television. Some K-Dramas rely too heavily on their cutesy content, while others steal bits and pieces from other K-Dramas in order to support their own production. But what happens when one K-Drama tries to do all of that? It ends up wrapping […]

[Review]: Let’s Eat

YAY!! Finally, this semester is over and now I have all this freedom that I don’t even know what to do with. So what’s the best way for a drama addict to waste away their school break doing? Why, drama-binging, of course! It has not even been a whole week since my last day of […]

[Review]: Emergency Couple

Most of us fantasize about falling deeply in love, marrying and spending the rest of our lives in matrimonial bliss. We vow to our partners that we will be there for each other in sickness and in health, good times and bad. We swear that we will love each other unconditionally and cherish our love […]

[K-Pop MV]: JJCC – “At First”

I know I’ve been away from blogging for far too long. I’m sure anyone out there that’s a student can relate and sympathize. As I browsed through my tumblr this morning, I noticed something interesting. Jackie Chan has just recently debuted a boy group, WHAAAAT?! Okay, this shock may have been old news to you […]

[Review]: Adolescence Medley

There are many ways a K-Drama addict finds their next series. Sometimes they are recommendations from fellow addicts, other times we search for K-Dramas that are in the same category, genre, or similar to the K-Drama we just finished watching. However, I think the most special way to find a drama to binge on is […]

[K-Pop MV]: BTOB – “뛰뛰빵빵 (Beep Beep)” and “뛰뛰빵빵” 4th Mini-Album

Before I begin talking about BTOB‘s newest comeback “Beep Beep“, I will rant a little about this group first. BTOB is not my first K-Pop group, but you could say that they are the ones that revived my love for it. I don’t know what happened but after Big Bang released their albums “Alive” and […]