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[Review]: Dalja’s Spring

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS I am proud to say that my motivation behind watching Dalja’s Spring was not due to the fact that the irresistible Lee Min Ki is in it as a main character. This drama has been on my Plan To Watch list for AGES but I finally got the chance to marathon it this Spring […]

[K-Drama Korner]: K-Drama OSTs For Study Time

If you scroll down the main page of my blog, you’ll notice a superior amount of K-Pop posts. The majority amount of my day is spent listening to music: when I study, when I’m driving to school, when I’m cooking/cleaning, browsing the web, if I’m not in class or the clinic I’m most likely listening […]

[Review]: Heirs

After what seems like an eternity, Heirs has finally concluded. If you haven’t done so yet, you can watch this drama *HERE*. This is the first time I wait for a drama to air for this long. I was really anticipating it from the very day it was announced sometime in March. I’m not crazy enough to remember […]