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[K-Pop MV]: EXO – “Overdose” And The 2nd Mini Album

They’ve only been out for 2 days and already EXO’s Overdose MVs have received a combination of over 6 million views! The Korean version currently has about 4 million while the Chinese verion has 2 million. HOLY SMOOOOOKES!! As an EXO fan myself, I love this promotion period as we are also getting a new reality show […]

[K-Pop Korner]: Favorite 2013 K-Pop Songs

Since these are my favorite songs, I feel like they’re all just as important as the other. The order doesn’t matter to me all that much. Some days I feel like listening to one song more than the previous day’s overplayed song so it’s not like I prefer one group over another or choose based […]

[K-Pop MV]: K.Will – You Don’t Know Love

Although I had heard one or two of his ballads in the past, I was officially introduced to K.Will‘s music after watching his impacting MV, Please Don’t around this same time, last year. His smooth and controlled vocals were so perfectly suitable for emotional ballad songs that he immediately became one of my favorite Korean singers. Featuring the […]