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[Review]: Heirs

After what seems like an eternity, Heirs has finally concluded. If you haven’t done so yet, you can watch this drama *HERE*. This is the first time I wait for a drama to air for this long. I was really anticipating it from the very day it was announced sometime in March. I’m not crazy enough to remember […]

[K-Pop MV]: FT Island – Madly

I tend to put FT Island in a different category as other idol groups. Along with CN Blue and LED Apple, FT Island is an idol band where the members play their own instruments, rock out, and still look like characters out of teenage novels that you would never run into in real life. You […]

[K-Drama Korner]: Second Lead Syndrome

Whether you suffer from a chronic infection or catch the occasional sniffles, if you’re a drama-lover, chances are you’ve been exposed to the emotional trauma trigger disease of Second Lead Syndrome. Second Lead Syndrome is a noninfectious disease, often primarily affecting the female population that dwells in Dramaland. Despite its inability to transfer from one […]