Do you like K-Pop? Well, so do I!

K-Drama watching and K-Pop really do come hand-in-hand. Even if you don’t necessarily love one or the other, there’s no way you’ve never experienced one because of the other, somehow.

My first official experience came when I watched the parody of Sorry Sorry by Super Junior in the popular drama You’re Beautiful. Even though I had watched Boys Over Flowers, I didn’t really watch another series until I finally picked up this drama approximately one year later. The beat was really catchy, and I thought it was so funny. All I caught from that scene was ‘Sorry sorry sorry sorry’ and that’s exactly what I typed into YouTube’s search bar.


Instant beauty before my eyes.

I experienced the “@_@” that most go through their first exposure to K-Pop. 13 men in identical suits, synchronize dancing, flashing scenes from one to another, it was eye candy paradise! But at the same time, it was asking for a cavity, that was too much sugar in one go. <—–see what I did there?

After that, I went on a K-Pop spree, watching MV’s like there was no tomorrow. I can remember my first thoughts on some of the videos I saw that day, it was a totally new and exciting experience that can’t really be described properly. When I try to share my excitement with non-K-Pop listeners they kind of look at me like ‘oh okay’. If you’re into K-Pop already, you will understand a 17 year old’s heart that day.

1. Sorry Sorry – Super Junior (first thoughts: everyone looks the same, but they don’t…same guy…or girl…definitely a guy? how pretty! this one’s as skinny as a noodle…but so handsome! … this one’s the best looking guy….wow, look at this one, much taller…..ayeeeeee)

2. Mirotic – TVXQ (first thoughts: that was pretty cool…creepy lady, but still cool)

3. Replay – SHINee (first thoughts: they’re cute as kittens, my heart of stone is melted just like THAT)

4. Gee – SNSD (first thoughts: same girl? @_@ WHAAAAA)


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