I’ve already made a post about my first Korean drama and how I discovered dramas, so here are 5 reasons (out of the many many many reasons) why I love K-Dramas:

1. The innocence – it was among first things that I noticed in the first drama that I ever watched. I’m from America, and I’ve been spoiled by the glamour and beauty of Hollywood. Along with that production glitter, you get Hollywood’s attempt to reach out to ALL audience types. Unfortunately, in the case of romantic scenes, that means the characters are going to get down and dirty because Hollywood wants to make sure that even the sleazy perverts and hormonal teenagers are attracted to their series/movies. Korean dramas have a much stronger filter for these kinds of things, and I love how safe I feel watching these dramas. Perhaps, to some extent, it’s unrealistic, but if I wanted realistic, I would be in PBS watching the crap out of their documentaries, instead.


2. The men – come on, you can’t deny that the eye-candy doesn’t make it hard to look away. I’ll even be the first to confess that I’ve watched dramas, simply because of the handsome men, or found refuge completing a crappy series because the hot men made it easier to endure.

3. The short series – I started watching Smallville when in 2001 when it began airing. So why did it take me a decade to complete it? At first it was my favorite series , but I lost interest somewhere along the way. For American TV shows, it would be practically impossible to make series that will just last for one season (look at what happened with How I Met Your Mother!). Finding something that’s short-sweet and to the point is a breath of fresh air. I want to conclude the story and not have to wait 5+ years to find out what happens. Thank God for K-Dramas!!!

4. The second-lead – never ever ever, not even for a moment did I ever root for the second-lead to get the girl. That is, until I started watching K-Dramas! This was new to me because all of a sudden I was paying attention to characters that were not the main couples, feeling heartbroken for them, tearing up at their pitiful perspective, and wishing to be there to hold their hand. I seriously felt like a lunatic sometimes, yelling at screen, and pausing the video to wipe some tears off my eyes. Why do they have to be so handsome/cute/funny/sweet/caring/loyal? Confuses us, and throws the viewers into an emotional roller coaster…but I love it!

5. Learning new things – the amount of things I learned from Korean dramas is no joke! History, manners, good habits(maybe some bad ones), cultural customs, completely useless information, I even learned Hangul for crying out loud! Well, not from watching dramas, but they definitely inspired me to do so (: I don’t think it’s a completely fruitless hobby, I feel so much more open-minded than I ever did before!


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