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[K-Drama Korner]: Top 5 Favorite Criers

Lists! I love lists! And crying!! I love crying!! Well, maybe not personally, but I do like crying scenes in K-Dramas. I’m almost positive that just about every K-Drama I’ve ever watched has had some form of crying in it. Whether it’s just a cute sparkly tear rolling down a perfectly sculpted face, or a […]

[K-Drama Korner]: K-Drama OSTs For Study Time

If you scroll down the main page of my blog, you’ll notice a superior amount of K-Pop posts. The majority amount of my day is spent listening to music: when I study, when I’m driving to school, when I’m cooking/cleaning, browsing the web, if I’m not in class or the clinic I’m most likely listening […]

[K-Drama Korner]: Dramaland’s Fashion Terrorists

As you may have noticed, Dramaland has its fair share of fashionistas. Those characters that are always wearing fabulous clothing that you feel the need to take screenshot of practically every outfit they wear so that your awful fashion sense can have a reference the next time you visit the department store. Unfortunately, just as […]

[K-Drama Korner]: Second Lead Syndrome

Whether you suffer from a chronic infection or catch the occasional sniffles, if you’re a drama-lover, chances are you’ve been exposed to the emotional trauma trigger disease of Second Lead Syndrome. Second Lead Syndrome is a noninfectious disease, often primarily affecting the female population that dwells in Dramaland. Despite its inability to transfer from one […]

[K-Drama Korner]: Life Lessons: Words To Live By

It’s not the first thing I notice or look for in a K-drama, but their quotes and script lines can be very poetic and memorable. Some of the things our favorite character say can stay with us for the rest of our lives! These lines don’t even have to be some beautiful Shakespeare-like piece of […]

[K-Drama Korner]: K-Dramas for Beginners

I won’t claim to be a drama expert, because I’m not. Just like any other drama-addict, I started with one drama. We were compatible, and after I re-watched it 3 consecutive times , I picked up a new drama, then another, and another. There are thousands of K-dramas to choose from(along with other series from […]

[K-Drama Korner]: It All Started with 4….F4

My Dramaland journey began with one of the most well-known dramas in the Asian entertainment industry. Yes, the Korean adaptation to Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers. Cinderella story plot with a heroine that roundhouse kicks the most powerful young man in South Korea that is not much less than a prince….we were a match […]