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[30 Day Challenge]: “Asian Drama Challenge”

I think after almost a whole year of Hangukhobby hiatus, it is time for a new challenge. I figured, this should help me get back into my blogging mode, since I feel a little awkward writing in my own blog. Also, I have a lot more down time since I just graduated, and after a […]

[30 Day Challenge]: K-Pop Challenge

YAY! I’m finally done with my K-Pop 30 Day Challenge! I gotta say that this was a little tougher to keep up with because of school. After school I’d have to jump into study mode but going in to do my daily challenge was always a fun little escape. I did have days where I […]

[ 30 Day Challenge]: “K-Drama Challenge”

Now that January is over, so is my tumblr 30 Day K-Drama Challenge. It was a lot of fun and some days I even had to hold back from answering the next question. Although I did complete this in tumblr, I thought I’d post them here where I don’t run the risk of losing everything […]