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[Review]: Who Are You: School 2015

It’s not often when I find a drama that keeps my attention from start to finish. School 2015 manages to tell a story with so much mystery that the viewer can’t help but keep holding on for the entire ride. Story Plot: Kind-hearted Lee Eun Bi and confident Go Eun Byul are twin sisters living two […]

[Review]: Reply 1994 (2013)

There’s a certain kind of refreshing beauty to tvN’s Reply series. Keeping its unique story-telling format, the sequel is successful in presenting the viewer with its original approach to an otherwise customary program. With its slice-of-life approach, Reply 1994 takes you back to a past time where a family was originated, made up of six inexperienced […]

[30 Day Challenge]: “Asian Drama Challenge”

I think after almost a whole year of Hangukhobby hiatus, it is time for a new challenge. I figured, this should help me get back into my blogging mode, since I feel a little awkward writing in my own blog. Also, I have a lot more down time since I just graduated, and after a […]

[K-Pop MV]: Big Bang – “Bae Bae” + “Loser”

Holy ravioli, Batman. It’s been almost a year since my last blog post!! In just that amount of time since my last post (and the last time I was logged into my account), even the website changed a little! Due to graduating and starting my new job in the hospital, I’ve been MIA in the world […]

[K-Pop MV]: WINNER – “Empty”+”Color Ring”+Debut Album

Watching YG‘s 2013 survival program, WIN: Who Is Next?, last year was such a stressful experience. I spilled a record-breaking amount of tears for a group of trainees back then. The boys were abruptly separated into two teams and had to compete against the very people they had spent years training with. After what feels […]

[K-Pop MV]: Red Velvet – “Happiness”

In my head, S.E.S is to H.O.T as BoA is to TVXQ, SNSD is to Super Junior and f(x) to SHINee. A female counterpart after EXO‘s debut was naturally expected. Even though Red Velvet‘s debut felt rushed and I was prepared to be a little mad at how messily SM put an abrupt halt to […]

[Review]: Angel Eyes

If you know melodramas, then you know Angel Eyes. If you’re expecting for something a little out of the ordinary…bless you, because I can tell you right here and now that all your guesses and predictions for the series will be correct. The most surprising thing about the drama is how much more tolerant you […]