[30 Day Challenge]: “Asian Drama Challenge”

I think after almost a whole year of Hangukhobby hiatus, it is time for a new challenge. I figured, this should help me get back into my blogging mode, since I feel a little awkward writing in my own blog. Also, I have a lot more down time since I just graduated, and after a hard-day’s work, I usually just sit in front of my laptop, browsing the interwebs, anyway. With it being the first of the month, this should unfold quite nicely.

[NOTE: My intention is to update this page once a day for the next month.Wish me luck!]

DAY #01: First Drama you watched?

Boys Over Flowers



D#02: Your first Japanese Drama?

Hana Kimi (2007)


DAY #03: Your first Korean Drama?

Boys Over Flowers



DAY #04: Your first Taiwanese Drama?

Devil Beside You



DAY #05: Your all time favorite Asian Drama?

Boys Over Flowers


-It’s just one of those special dramas that I can pop up when I’m feeling down, when I need some noise while I fold my clean clothes, or I just need a laugh.


DAY #06: Your least favorite Asian Drama?

Miss No Good


-The story, the overly-dramatic issues, that main character….it was a disaster! I just…


DAY #07: Your favorite Japanese Drama?

Hana Yori Dango (2005)


-A close second that might actually be a tie is Nodame Cantabile. A long time ago, I watched the anime for it and I think the actress did an excellent job in portraying Nodame. She being so cartoony, it would be a challenge to portray her properly but she nailed it!


DAY #08: Your favorite Korean Drama?

King of Baking


-Well, obviously I would say Boys Over Flowers is my favorite, but I already mentioned it plenty of times, so I named my second favorite drama, King of Baking!! This drama was an emotional investment (as all good dramas are), along with great acting, awesome soundtrack, and story plot that despite their efforts may not have been the most original story out there, but the drama had great detail and some of the most detestable bad guys that really made the drama interesting. I cried tears of joy, but my bitter tears of anger/sadness were an indication as to how much I really cared for Kim Tak Gu.


 DAY #09: Your favorite Taiwanese Drama?

Hi My Sweetheart


DAY #10: Your favorite Drama OST (insert song)?

– Gosh there’s too many! I don’t think I have a favorite overall, I appreciate OST songs, so I added a few of the ones I listen to most often.


DAY #11: Your favorite Drama opening?

-This one is also hard to pick just one. I think my favorite openings are the ones that have the ability to excite me like “oh my gosh my show is starting!”.


DAY #12: Your favorite Drama ending?

Errrm to be perfectly honest, I don’t usually watch the ending credits for dramas. If the drama doesn’t immediately jump into the next episode’s preview, I’ll just skip it. So instead of mentioning my favorite credits that I don’t have, I’ll mention how my favorite ending to a drama was.

Fated To Love You (Korean) had the cutest ending ever!


They kind of owed it to us, after all the crap we went through with this drama (and I loved every minute of it). All I ever want for my OTP is a happily-ever-after ending. I’m a schmuck, so sue me. But I won’t be completely satisfied until I have a wedding scene ending, or in FTLY’s case, a beautiful family outing. As a bonus, we get a scene of all our favorite characters, that although not totally ideal for us, they get exactly what they want. I mean, who can complain about that, right?


DAY #13: The last Asian Drama you’ve seen?

My Love From Another Star



 DAY #14: What Drama are you currently watching?


DAY #15: Your favorite actor?

Just one? Nah, I’ll take one of each…

Kim Soo Hyun:


Talented and beautiful. Just look at that sexy-lady pose. That’s confidence.

Matsumoto Jun:


Mizushima Hiro:


Hyun Bin:



DAY #16: Your favorite actress?

Gong Hyo Jin:


My unnie I am your fangirl, I ❤ you!!


DAY #17: Your favorite Drama character?

Cha Seung Won as Do Ko Jin in The Greatest Love


DAY #18: Name a Drama you dropped, and why?

Hotel King


-I haven’t officially dropped it, and I think I’ll come back to it eventually. It really isn’t that bad, it’s just a bit long and it just drags on after episode 20. I’ll pick it back up when I feel like watching a melodrama again.


 DAY #19: Your favorite Drama genre?

Romantic comedies!

asian romantic comedies

– I like to laugh and I love falling in love with drama characters ^-^ I also love all the stress and emotional investment that comes with the genre. I don’t mind cliches, as long as the story is good and the characters are lovable.


DAY #20: Your favorite Drama OST (Instrumental)?


 DAY #21: Your least favorite Asian drama actress?

Shin Se Kyung ughhh =.=


– Beautiful lady, I really want to love her, but she disappoints me time and time again. I’m scared to watch her newest drama that got positive reactions, simply because she is in it.


DAY #22: Your least favorite Asian drama actor?

Jang Geun Suk


– Self-proclaimed Asia Prince, Jang Geun Suk was once an actor that I had sitting on a pedestal but managed to fall and land into my unofficial ‘Blacklist’. It’s really a shame because he is up there with the legendaries that contributed to the ‘hallyu’ wave with his drama You’re Beautiful, which I love. Still, I don’t know what it is about this guy’s acting that I just don’t like. He always seems to only play one of two kinds of characters, and I feel if he’s going to call himself Asia Prince, he should at least live up to the name. Sorry if I offend anyone, I don’t think he’s a bad actor and I did used to like him, but the more I watched his dramas/movies, the more I felt he was just not all that special.


DAY #23: A drama you looked forward to but disappointed you in the end?


the heirs couple poster

– I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a drama as badly as I did Heirs. This drama had been introduced to the public 9 whole months before it began airing as the Korean Gossip Girl, and I was so ready for it. If you’ve ever watched GG, it is one of those sexy guilty pleasure tv shows that’s got so much drama that sometimes it’s hard to breathe. Hoping that Heirs would be every bit of an emotional roller coaster (minus all the unnecessary sex from a shameless American television show), I looked forward to a hell of a lot of plot twists and complex love webs. Instead, I got a cliche, predictable Cinderella story K-drama we are so used to. Man, I was so disappointed. For a while, I kept waiting for that redeeming moment where everything would go to hell and everyone would be thrown in a loop. Unfortunately, the drama was so safe, it was almost a crime (a boring one). There were just so many missed opportunities. Despite your average story plot, there was definitely potential that the writers just let slip away. SUCH A SHAME! I guess it was my fault for expecting so much but I was promised one thing and got another. Wouldn’t you be mad too? It’s like getting scammed a ferret for a dog.

ferret dog scam


DAY #24: Drama with the best ending in your opinion?

Reply 1997


Oops, I think I already mentioned that Fated To Love You had  my favorite endings, but at the time I also forgot about another drama. Reply 1997 also has another one of my favorite endings. I’ve watched this drama 3 times now (I know, get a life, right?), and all 3 times, the ending just makes me tear up. The last two episodes feel like the drama is saying goodbye to us, and it is bittersweet. The way the relationship between the OTP works out, and then in the final episode, I’m just trying to hold on to these characters. As they say goodbye in the bar, they disappear and say their final goodbyes for the evening to each other, but at the same time, it feels like they are saying good bye to the viewer. When the OTP get into a fight in the car, it’s like the writers wanted the viewer to finish the series laughing ‘for old-times’ sake’. The very final scene is of the crew trying to take a picture, but Shi Won messes it up with her childish antics. The younger kids you fall in love with and watch grow, one more time, just as you remember them. It’s beautiful.


DAY #25: Drama with the worst ending in your opinion?

Marry Him If You Dare

– After episode 6 or 7, this drama becomes a jumbled up mess, and the last episode is exactly that. For a while, I had suspected that some things the future Mi Rae was doing was pointless, but wow that last episode just about summed it up for me. WASTE.OF.MY.TIME! The worst part was the freaking ending was a cliffhanger. Eff you cliffhanger ending, eff you. Since we never get a concrete establishment as to Mi Rae’s feelings, I couldn’t tell you WHO it was she saw in the bookstore. Geez writers, just keep messing with the viewer, will you? More reasons to hate this drama.


 DAY #26: Name an overrated Drama?

Queen In Hyun’s Man

– A rom-com time travel drama, Queen In Hyun’s Man was recommended to me MANY times by other drama addict friends. There’s a few reasons why I found this drama hard to love. For one, I’m not one to snobbishly turn my nose up at cliches, but if you’re going to make a  COMPLETELY unoriginal drama (minus the crazy relative, I think they used just about every cliche in the book), it should at least have something besides the love story as a redeeming quality. It just felt cheap that way. The leads had so much chemistry, and the way Kim Boong Do looked at Choi Hee Jin was electric, but the actor (Ji Hyun Woo) can’t actor for peanuts. He was a stone wall with little emotion put into his character, and I would like to believe that his old era scholar persona was the reason for it, but I didn’t pick up an intellectual vibe from the guy. I also didn’t like Yoo In Na‘s weak character in this one. Annoying clingy cry-babies are cliches I hate with a passion, they ruin everything with their unending tears and ‘giving-up-on-life-just-cuz-my-man’s-gone’ attitudes. I don’t know when her character ever found the time to be professional and actually film the movie she was working on, 70% of the time she was crying or in the hospital. The only reason this drama was so positively received was because of the actor’s chemistry and the love story was cute. BLECH *BARFS A THOUSAND BUTTERFLIES*


 DAY #27: Name an underrated Drama?

Arakawa Under the Bridge


– Oh goodness, I could name so many without even trying, but I’ll just stick with one. AUTB is brilliant. Brilliant, people. I’m not saying it’s a 10/10 perfection (close enough, actually), but that does not take away from the brilliance of it. It’s it’s own kind of show in it’s own kind of genre, and I found it surprising at how unheard of it is.

If you’ve ever watched the anime, then you know just how….absurd the story can get.  It is about a young man who is saved from drowning by a young girl after he falls off a bridge. Having a principle rule of never being indebted to someone, he gives up his life as a normal civilian to live as this girl’s companion in a community of social outcasts that have created their own little world underneath the bridge. I do realize this show is ridiculous, but in my opinion, it is a good kind of ridiculous. This drama is so seriously underrated, or perhaps people don’t realize that it exists (like I did). Whatever the reason being as to why it’s so easily overlooked, I think it deserves a whole lot more attention. It could be one of those must-watch dramas just simply because of its uniqueness.


DAY #28: A Drama that made you cry?

Angels Eyes

angel eyes poster

– A ton of dramas have made me cry, but this one is the one I last remember crying a lot in. This whole drama was a real tear-jerker. If it wasn’t making me cry sad, bitter tears, it was making me cry happy, joyful ones.


DAY #29: A Drama that made you cry from laughter?

The Greatest Love

the greatest love poster


DAY #30: A Drama you never get tired of?

Delightful Girl, Choon Hyang



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