[K-Pop MV]: Big Bang – “Bae Bae” + “Loser”

Holy ravioli, Batman. It’s been almost a year since my last blog post!! In just that amount of time since my last post (and the last time I was logged into my account), even the website changed a little! Due to graduating and starting my new job in the hospital, I’ve been MIA in the world of Dramaland. Don’t even get me started on K-Pop. Who is this ‘Big Bang comeback’ you speak of?

All joking aside (maybe), I’m actually really excited to be able to write about a Big Bang comeback on my blog. After their 3 year hiatus, I wasn’t so confident it would be happening sometime in my lifetime anymore. From what I’ve gathered so far – notice how inexperienced I sound right now, because I seriously just ran into their Bae Bae MV online like 15 minutes ago and was like “MUST.WRITE.THIS.DOWN.SOMEWHERE” – Big Bang isn’t even done with their comeback.

As part of their MADE album promotional tactic, Bae Bae is actually one of two songs that were released on the first of May. They make up the M for their album title so the two songs that make up the A are expected to be released in just a few days on June 1st. *BLISS*

Let’s see if I remember how to do this.

I know technically their first song out was Loser, and I just finished listening to it and replayed their MV but I’m going to start by discussing Bae Bae. It was the first of their comeback that I heard, and as of now, my favorite of the two.

Okay, let’s just be candid here. Bae Bae is about THAT. Yes, sex. I was kind of surprised seeing the MV because it has so many references that cause sensory overload at first glance, but once your eyes adjust, it’s like ‘oh dear god’. I’m used to 19+ videos having people in bed and women in undies and white tank tops. Bae Bae wasn’t that kind of sexy. It was comical and a little confusing, trippy. I’ve never done drugs before so I can’t say for sure, but I think if I were to take LSD, this MV is an accurate example of what I would run into when I start to hallucinate. Not like Big Bang is trying to be discreet about it but the MV is an intense colorful parade of sexual innuendos ranging from mannequin boobs to squirting syringes and rice cakes; and we all know what THAT means.

Pound that rice

The theme here is a love that is, putting it in TOP’s own words “forever 25”. A woman’s sexual peak is at 25-26, sooooooooo…hence the sexual theme of this song. Probably not the most poetic of their songs, but quite bold and fun. Its mid-tempo beat stays pleasantly consistent, except for a small change for Seungri’s sexy solo, and we have to appreciate the intriguing mellow chiming and simple composition that can be described as a haunting tune. If you take away the word, it sounds a little creepy. They sure put that electric guitar to good use, though.

I am in love with the raw feel to this. It’s nice to know at least there’s still pop groups out there that are capable of producing music that can be created through actual instruments, although I have to admit that the mechanics of this song are unknown to me.


Loser takes me back to 2007. What I mean is, the lyrics are depressing and deep with a sad theme. The self-loathing nature of the song makes me think of that emo era, and I’m not talking about punk-rock. I can’t be the only one that associates that cringe-worthy era with wrist cutting, the skinniest jeans you can possibly find, and layering the hell out of your hair. One inch top layer? TOO LONG!

I kind of got off track. But I mean, just look at the lyrics! The chorus really hurts:

Loser, loner
A coward who pretends to be tough
A mean delinquent
In the mirror, you’re
A loner, a jackass covered in scars
Dirty trash
In the mirror, I’m a…

With its mellow tune and emotional theme, I think I have to say it. This sounds like it could easily be a WINNER song. Hope no one is offended because I’m one of the few that actually really likes them, but I get an Empty vibe from this song. I want to say in retrospect, it could just be another song similar to Big Bang’s Love Song or even Blue.

In this song, every individual member is basically standing on his own. It’s not about Big Bang the group, but each one’s own segment within the same song. I guess they are emphasizing on each member’s concept of being a “loser-oeteri” (which is loner in Korean). With the exception of Seungri because he doesn’t get a solo in this song, and Daesung only gets a really small part. Maybe that’s why Seungri’s going around in the MV breaking things. I’d want to turn delinquent too, if my members were trying to drown my voice out with TOP’s deep tone.

I’m glad I ran into Bae Bae, because now I can look forward to the first of the next 3 months for their singles releases. Oh hell, June 1st is tomorrow!! Come on Big Bang, I’m ready!


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