[Review]: Angel Eyes

angel eyes

If you know melodramas, then you know Angel Eyes. If you’re expecting for something a little out of the ordinary…bless you, because I can tell you right here and now that all your guesses and predictions for the series will be correct. The most surprising thing about the drama is how much more tolerant you will become of Gu Hye Sun as an actress. Seriously, she was not bad!


Coming back from a short day trip with her mother, Yoon Soo Wan is involved in a freak accident when the tunnel they were driving through collapses. Park Dong Joo‘s father who is a fireman is the person that sacrifices his life trying to save Soo Wan’s mother, but ultimately she loses her parent and eyesight in that accident. As adolescents, Dong Joo and Soo Wan meet and fall in love with each other as she begins to open up to him and his family. Unfortunately, circumstances separate the two, and Soo Wan’s biggest regret is that she could not see him after her eye surgery that helped her regain her sight. As they meet again as adults, Dong Joo and Soo Wan progressively discover the secrets behind Soo Wan’s surgery and her donor.

My Opinion of Angel Eyes:

I wasn’t planning on picking up another medical drama, actually…..I’m not sure if we can call Angel Eyes a medical drama, though. Park Dong Joo does become a doctor and some of the scenes take place in the hospital, we even get a few surgery scenes, but not enough to deem it a medical drama. This melodrama feels like it’s a little of everything. It’s kind of tough to compress and establish a definite opinion of Angel Eyes. This drama is very captivating and adorable from the very beginning with the child actors, but the lovely progression continues along with the adult counterparts. Sometime after episode 12, the writing of the drama gets weird. As the secrets become exposed entirely, instead of the drama becoming more interesting, there is an opposite effect. You can slowly sense the writers running out of ideas. It’s like the writers created all these problems, but no one really seemed to realize that the solutions weren’t as complicated after all.

Honestly, this drama would have been better if it had been only 16 episodes. Angel Eyes was moving along quite nicely but when the writers ran out of ideas, they started stressing on things that slightly ruined the drama’s gracefulness that had been established from the first 12 episodes. The last 2 episodes felt like fillers that wouldn’t even have to happen if the producers hadn’t messed with the OTP’s progression so badly… I mean, why mess up the OTP when they’re already 1. in love and 2. obviously destined for each other? Thankfully, we are rewarded with Angel Eyes concluding well, but the road to it felt a little bumpy during last few episodes. Despite this, I really enjoyed this drama.


I immediately recognized some of the locations that were recycled from a previous medical drama. Not only is the hospital that it was filmed in, the same one that tvN’s Emergency Couple was filmed in – Borame Hospital, they even use Yakhyeon Cathedral where Jin Hee and Changmin get married. One always hopes that maybe the Emergency Couple cast is going to make a special appearance.


Characters and Acting:

It’s kind of hard not to fall in love with the leads, especially their younger counterparts. The characters/actors are the ones that really bring the story to life and get the viewer interested in their lives. As adolescents, Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun play the teenager versions of Park Dong Joo and Yoon Soo Wan. The actors do such a great job that even though I really loved Lee Sang Yoon and Gu Hye Sun as the adult versions, I really missed the innocent days as teenagers.


Even though the writers messed up a little with Yoon Soo Wan’s character towards the end, I’m really impressed with how much I enjoyed Gu Hye Sun in this drama. I’m a huge BOF fan since it was the one that got me into K-Dramas, but even at that time I felt an awkwardness in her acting. I don’t hate her like some people seem to, but I’ve never been too interested in picking up another drama with her in it. Watching Angel Eyes changed my opinion of her acting, she was pretty good!

When it comes to the OTP’s chemistry, both young and older version are so cute and nice together! The good-hearted Park Dong Joo stays consistent for the entire drama. He goes after his lover full-throttle and isn’t afraid to look like a fool. His loyalty is only for Yoon Soo Wan, there is no other option for him. As for Yoon Soo Wan, she is usually likable. She is strong, independent, and true to herself. At one point, she begins to crumble and break down, but because she’s so definite even then, it doesn’t feel like she’s contradicting herself. It’s more like she’s dealing with her issues in a psychologically unstable manner.

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Drama OST:

Usually in K-Dramas, there’s one or two songs that are ‘pretty good’. I can’t say that about Angel Eyes…..nope, every single song is perfect. PERFECT!! My personal favorite was Love Too Much by Yoon Gun. I found a playlist that provides free download links to all the songs in the K-Drama right HERE. I also have to mention the other songs that were used in the drama as well. Whoever was in charge of finding background music has good taste, as even from the beginning when the drama starts and Don McLean’s Vincent is playing, could not be any more perfect. I want to believe that this person’s goal was to bring out a soft feel to this drama with its raw, 70’s music.




Missing You – Melodrama; OTP fall in love as teenagers but are separated and meet again as adults; Missing You is much darker.

That Winter the Wind Blows – Melodrama; Lead is blind and falls in love; Similar cinematographic feel.



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