[K-Pop MV]: Taeyang – “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

Big Bang’s Taeyang is heating things up with his new solo album RISE, which includes last November’s successful single Ringa Linga, along with title track Eyes, Nose, Lips. Unlike Ringa Linga, Eyes, Nose, Lips is a slow R&B/soul ballad that is meant to express Taeyang’s emotional struggles of a break up.

This song is pretty straightforward and simple, but sometimes the plain things are just as lovely as the complex things. I think this is the case with Eyes, Nose, Lips. I don’t mean that it’s plain in a bad way, far from it! It’s not just one of those break up songs that someone would listen to as entertainment. It’s so subtle and the sound is so sad that I can very much picture myself listening to as a relatable comfort after a break up.

I’m not very sure what to think about the MV. To tell the truth, it’s not very impressive. When I watch a K-Pop MV, usually I expect to be entertained by them, because let’s face it, if it’s Korean, then the MV’s got to be just as good or even better than the song itself. For Eyes, Nose Lips, it’s like there was hardly any effort put into it. There’s no plot in it, it’s just a pudgy half-naked Taeyang in jeans, boots, a hair net with a beanie and chain, singing in a wet parking lot-looking space with computer-animated snow and a burning billboard. If you haven’t watched the video, trust me—I’m making it sound a lot more interesting than it really is. Again, I’m going to use ‘simple’ to describe this comeback. The MV is far from horrible, and if you’re into shirtless men, then this will definitely not disappoint.

This has got to be the shortest K-Pop MV post, but I really liked the song so I wanted to write something quick for it. I really can’t go into the visual details since the MV is so uneventful. It’s cool, though. This doesn’t change my opinion of the song, it’s awesome.

I’ve only listened to 4 songs from his album but I love it so far. It’s hard to find an audio video with all the songs together, but luckily I found a playlist on SoundCloud with the whole album so you can check that out **HERE**.


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