[K-Pop MV]: VIXX – “Eternity”

Almost 6 months after their last revolutionary comeback, Voodoo Doll, VIXX now returns with Eternity! Equipped with electronic music and a hard bass, Eternity easily inspires a desire to dance along to it.

If you’ve ever peeked through my K-Pop posts, you may have ran into some VIXX as you move through my blog. I am a big fan of this group. I have not been disappointed in them, nor disliked any of their songs, and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard them all, and then some. This is the reason why I can easily say that out of all their songs, Eternity has got to be my least favorite. I like the verses well-enough but once the chorus starts playing, it becomes boring. It feels like it could be an Infinite song with its method of harmonizing and the hard electronic music, but it’s too simple. I’ve heard this kind of music too often but I am not a huge fan of how repetitive electro can be.

I must be feeling a little cynical today, because the lyrics are so cheesy to me – almost comical.They are about someone expressing to their lover a dream they had about losing them. The intentions are sweet, I suppose, but had this been in English where I can understand perfectly what they are saying, I may have laughed out loud. I like romance and love songs as much as the next girl, but this was sissy.

I had such a scary and bad nightmare
You left me forever
Even you can tell it’s a dream that doesn’t make sense
Because there’s no way I would lose you

I’m not captivated by the song itself, though I could never say anything negative about their vocals. Everyone sounds great (even Hyukkie gets a small piece and wow, Leo and those high notes!), but for once, Ravi‘s rapping sounds a little out-of-place. I’m not sure why that is, but I suspect it’s because of its placement and lack of introduction to it….we don’t need ‘THIS IS RAVI!’ (which I know you all were waiting for it too), but maybe if there’d been a little bit of rap in the intro or more of Ravi’s voice in the verses, it wouldn’t sound so random.

The choreography to Eternity is a work of art. When it comes to their dancing, VIXX is top-notch. One of the best, in my opinion. They don’t need b-boying to grab the audience’s attention, their graceful skills and choreographies really show off a beautiful charm that one wouldn’t associate in a K-Pop group very often. It’s not just about their moves, with this group, their precision and aptitude are remarkable! Not just one or two members, everyone is pretty amazing!

The MV had a few things I liked and a few that I didn’t. The pendant lights in the beginning of the MV are so beautiful, and although the clock-works theme is a bit over-used, it felt like a good idea (up until parts go flying around, which makes it look like some amateur photoshopped pictures from the internet).


There are several different plots based on each member. Their actress, who looks like a combo of Park Shin Hye and f(x)’s Sulli to me, serves as a lover to all the boy (not uncommon in K-Pop MVs). N wakes up with her (O_O scandalous!), Ken draws a portrait of her, Hyuk is listening to music and is disturbed by her, Ravi dances with her and Leo plays the piano for her while in another scene she’s the one that plays the piano for Hongbin.

vixx eternity

Actually, I wasn’t such a huge fan of seeing N waking up next to his girlfriend in those white silky sheets. I know, I know. It goes with what they’re singing about and practically everyone in K-Pop has some kind of similar scene in an MV, but for VIXX…something like this feels more natural:

Okay, I’m definitely feeling cynical today -_-

Not sure if this is supposed to be part of the dream they’re singing about or memories, but the boys’ thoughts are compressed into one scene where everyone (except Leo) is spending time with their girlfriend in the same room. Although some K-Pop groups have the same girl with all the members, putting her with all the boys like that makes it feel like she really played them…or maybe she’s a clone or something.


Similar to the lyrics that the boys are singing about, their girlfriend starts to disappear on them, leaving the boys confused.

p38 p39

We’ve seen a few varieties of clock hands being done. From IU‘s cute finger clock in You&I to Kiss&Cry‘s team effort in Domino Game. Although the song never talks about time, the theme seems to BE time. More specifically, the clock could represent the time that the boys are in REM sleep, in which most dreaming takes place. They express this in their choreography where the members synchronize their arm movements as a clock.



Another move that felt familiar is one we see earlier in the song. The one where they’re twirling their hands by their head. It reminds me of Sunny Hill’s Grasshopper Song. It’s definitely not the same, but sometimes there are little things like these that make me think of something else.

I feel like I’m really negative about this comeback, but it’s not like I wasn’t fangirling and waiting for those Hongbin dimples I love so much. If VIXX just works that into the MV somewhere, then all is right with the world.



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