[K-Pop MV]: EXO – “Overdose” And The 2nd Mini Album

They’ve only been out for 2 days and already EXO’s Overdose MVs have received a combination of over 6 million views! The Korean version currently has about 4 million while the Chinese verion has 2 million. HOLY SMOOOOOKES!! As an EXO fan myself, I love this promotion period as we are also getting a new reality show xoxo EXO as a bonus!!


When it comes to this split group, I can’t help but pick a favorite. Although I like EXO-K, I have to admit that EXO-M’s music has always been more appealing to me. I don’t listen to Chinese music often, but they harmonize beautifully and I think there’s a nice combination of vocal ranges in EXO-M that compliment each other very well. EXO-M’s two main vocalists are Chen and Luhan. While Chen is the power voice that takes care of the more difficult high-notes, Luhan’s softer tone sweetens their songs. On the other hand, EXO-K’s main vocalists D.O and Baekhyun both share a similarity in the huskiness and soulfulness of their tones. They sound great for R&B songs but when it comes to softening up their songs for ballads or even to just bring the song down a little, they don’t do it quite as well as EXO-M does. This is, of course my own opinion and preference. The reason I mentioned the above wasn’t to bring one group down or draw more attention to the other, but because when I heard EXO had finally released their MV for Overdose, I naturally ran to EXO-M’s MV first.

Originally, the MV was scheduled to be released in April, but because of the tragic ferry incident, it was postponed. As there were leaked videos that went around, fans also had to choose whether to cave in and take a peek, or patiently wait for the official release.

Overdose is a catchy song, especially when it gets to the chorus. I admit I didn’t totally love it from the very beginning, but I thought it was okay. It’s one of those songs that I had to warm up to. The bass is sick and the marching band drum is a motivational as well, it’s a good song to go jogging to. The electric music feels repetitive but never boring. Now when it comes to that rap part, I wasn’t expecting much, and that might be why I was so blown away….nah, it was totally awesome! I liked the Korean rap part a whole lot more than I liked the Chinese. Chanyeol breaking in after that “E.X.O” was especially cool. He was aggressive and powerful. This was my first time being so impressed with SM‘s rap sequence.

All my sincere love goes to the choreography. At times, it’s a bit similar to Growl, but as an overall performance, it’s fascinating! There are some parts where I think it is too risky and dangerous which could easily result in someone getting hurt, though. The part where the members use another as a drum is clever and comical, and there’s some parts where they look like they’re jump-roping, which is cute but fun at the same time. Because it’s so team-dependent, I don’t think there will be a lot of people trying to copy it, but who knows. You people are pretty creative. I like how in both versions, there’s a middle part where they are joined by their other EXO counterparts. It’s like they’re there to steal the spotlight for a little bit before the scene shifts to an EXO family performance. Their teamwork is flawless and their synchronization is nearly perfect. All 12 members have their individual charms even during the choreography, but they are able to pull into each other as one.

The lighting effects did become annoying on occasions when I was trying to enjoy the choreograph. The lights kept flashing on and off and it made it a little hard to catch some small details. Baekhyun-ya quit playing with the switch! I won’t complain about The Box this time. For once I think it was appropriate and at the end of the day, even though we’ve been exposed to it for ages, you must admit it’s pretty cool. Along with The Box, we can’t leave out SM’s 360-matrix camera. Those two come hand-in-hand, and together with those flashing lights and confusing backdrops, it’s a little bit nauseating. Even so, once again, I surprisingly enjoyed it (SOMETIMES). The way it kept zooming in-and-out while the members played with it was endearing and fun.

The clothing that they use, particularly their early 90’s look is quite stylish! When I was first exposed to them, it kind of felt a little strange. I remember thinking ‘they can’t possibly be serious’, but I quickly changed my mind as I started appreciating how unique their concept truly is.  Was I the only one feeling like EXO just took us back  to the 90’s with those baggy clothes and tying their sweaters on their waist? It would have been fun to see one of the boys in a basketball jersey because those were pretty big back in the day, but that may have thrown off their grunge Fall look. They appear relaxed and comfortable, which I’m assuming allowed more flexibility for the harder parts of the choreography.



 Okay guys, I just now finished listening to EXO’s 2nd Mini Album and I must say, it’s quite good! I attacked the Chinese version first so I haven’t heard the Korean one yet, though. Since the MV had no plot and therefore I could not go into detail about it, I’ll take the liberty to discuss the rest of the songs in the album.

[EXO-K’s Version of the album]

1. Overdose – I already talked about this one so let’s move on to track#2.

2. Moonlight – My favorite song in the album, I’m a big fan of R&B/soul. This song is a wonderful duet of EXO-M’s two main vocalists Chen and Luhan. Remember that I said that I prefer Chen and Luhan’s contrasting vocals? This is a nice song where they get to show off together. It’s kind of a shame that they couldn’t include the rest of EXO-M (unless that’s them singing ‘Stop, stop, stop, stop ~YEAH~!’ ).

3. Thunder – This song reminds me of an English R&B song from back in the day, but I can’t think of the name. If I remember what it’s called I’ll update this, I know it’ll bother me if I don’t find out the name of that song. The boys sound so smooth and again, I have to commend how well they harmonize. I like that in EXO-M’s songs, there is great line distributions. All the boys can sing so even though sometimes there’s a tiny bit more of Chen/Luhan, there’s plenty of the others as well.

4. Run Run is an upbeat song with perky lyrics and inspirational message (written by Super Junior-M’s Zhou Mi). While the other songs were more like ‘letting go’ break up/missing her kind of songs, this one’s more optimistic and cheerful. There’s a part where Luhan/Xiumin and Chen/Lay combine their vocals and it sounds so great! It’s pretty unique and it fits the cool sound of the song nicely. Run was the song I had been skeptical about at first. Since it sounds more like something SHINee would sing, I wasn’t too thrilled to hear something that upbeat for EXO at first, but it turned out to be the  most memorable to me. It’s not even my favorite song in the album but it left the deepest impact.

5. Love, Love, Love – Love, Love, Love is so sexy and rich. Seriously, I feel like I can taste this song! Its lyrics are romantic and sweet and the song is more of the R&B/soul genre these boys have been delivering to us. I really like the instrumental sound of this song. It begins with the harp which is added into the body of the song sometimes, and it sounds like they used those old traditional instruments you see in historical dramas. They also occasionally use some of those quirky sound effects they used for XOXO (Kisses & Hugs). They add them right before the piece where it sounds like they’re singing ‘ring around the rosie’.

As an overall opinion of this album, I think it was okay. I wasn’t totally blown away and it is not my favorite EXO album but this album gave the boys the opportunity to experiment with a variety of songs that although different from one another, all are easy to listen to. I do feel like there could have been more to it. The album only had 5 songs and it lasted less than 20 minutes in total. It could have used another K-Pop song like Overdose, and I think if they would have made Run the ending song, it would have ended the album in a happier tone.


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