[K-Pop MV]: Block B – “Jackpot”

[Oopsies, I forgot to finish and post this before I went into intense study mode]

Jeo oppadeul isaenghae!

Ready to have a seizure? Good, because Block B are here to oblige. Returning to the scene with their most chaotic comback to date (which is saying a LOT), the boys have completely gone bonkers as they celebrate their ‘Jackpot’ with an exciting new concept, song and more clown masks.

Uh, Lady Gaga, you may want to take a look at this for the next time you need a K-Pop opening act to your concert.


There’s no doubt about it, this is definitely a Block B song. From the very beginning of the lyrics, Zico brands this song, though if you’ve heard other Block B songs, especially their title songs, you’ll recognize how similar they feel. I’ll even be bold enough to say that they SOUND alike, especially when it comes to the chorus of their songs. If you pay close attention, you’ll even notice that the line up of singing is usually pretty much going to be the same or at least there are recognizable patterns in them.

I always know that most likely Zico and P.O‘s parts follow each other, especially after the opening segment; Park Kyung‘s longest singing solo is right in the middle; Jaehyo and U-Kwon battle it out as the members with the least amount of lines in their songs; and Block B’s upbeat title tracks have some kind of quirky phrases in them. Fore example:

Nalina: “Goo-goo-ga-ga”

Nillili Mambo: “Nillili la-la-la nilliliya nillili mambo

Very Good: “Geetchy geetchy ya-ya”

Jackpot: “Ddi-ddi-ra-ddi-dae”

I was really surprised to hear P.O actually singing for Jackpot! When he started belting out, and in that manly voice I’m such a sucker for…just WOW! It’s not really surprising that P.O came right after Zico’s first rap verse from the very start, but the change in his style I LIKE! no, I LOVE! Didn’t know he could – or to be more accurate, I never imagined Block B would even try to do such a thing as to change P.O’s role as a rapper. Did I mention that I love this?

I’m loving the tuba in this. It makes their hip hop song sound so youthful and unique. It’s like the Pitch Perfect of a high school marching band outcasts. What I mean is, you know how in Pitch Perfect in their last performance they all piece an individual talent into one big awesome collaboration? This is that but K-Pop marching band version…I don’t mean to confuse anyone, it’s too early for me to think straight right now. My clock says it’s 5:32 AM. -_-

Every time this song plays, I want to sing along to it. It’s so upbeat and motivational, speaking about success and hitting the jackpot. I’ve memorized the chorus so I can at least sing along to that.

I’m on my way, I’ll go and be there first
At first they all tut at us saying we’re foolish
Cover my ears and sing
Full of fighting

When I say I loved everything about this song, I mean everything. This includes its MV, which…confused me at first (it’s so chaotic, can you blame me?). I’ve now concluded that it was probably Block B’s intention to make this as fun and random as possible, in order to fit their circus theme.


The plot of the story is pretty irrelevant to the lyrics, unless you’re trying to find some kind of deep meaning in it all. I think the deepest message this has for us is that life is a circus and often you’ll have to cope or adjust to situations in order to succeed.

In the MV, child actress Kim Sae Ron walks up to a window display of creepy clowns, where she is kidnapped by Block B. Zico gives out a loud “YAHOOO~!” which startles Sae Ron. In a state of confusion, she looks around the room of 7 gorgeous men who were just waiting for her to wake up.


After Zico’s rap intro where he plays with Sae Ron as if she is his puppet, P.O follows (of course), and sings about living the high-life.

Fit tuxedo and brand new shoes
Female secretary and well-being food
Fabulously get ready to go, opened my eyes and it was a dream

P.O's inspiration was...My Little Pony?

P.O’s inspiration was…My Little Pony?

He looks absolutely fabulous in his white suite, with that purple hair eating that…beetle. Wait, hold up. This is the same boy we saw freaking out over his hyungs eating muskrats and mealworms, right? Must have rubbed off on him. Block B, what are you influencing this boy to do?


Mmm, beetle is well-being food

If there’s something I must draw attention to, is how U-Kwon and Jaehyo’s contribution to their songs is shrinking. To the point that it’s ridiculous, actually! U-Kwon only gets 2 lines which is better than poor Jaehyo who only gets 1!! What is this? I know, I know. I shouldn’t be jumping into conclusions since their album’s been postponed and might be full of them in other songs. However, as the title track, I think this song is important to show off as much of all the members as possible. It must be hard to feature all 7 members in one song.


Why would Sae Ron run AWAY from Block B, anyway?

Here’s something new, this is also the first time I think Park Kyung is so hot! I’ve never found him attractive, actually, I love his sense of humor but he’s kind of funny-looking to me. Is he growing up to be a fine specimen of a man? I don’t know, it makes me uncomfortable to think that way. What I do know is that he’s working that blond hair and black outfit like he’s left his curly red-haired, chicken-chasing days in the past. Park Kyung? Who dat? I only heard of Park Hunk…ah so lame *embarrassed* See this is why I refrain from conversation with people so early in the morning.

Am I only attracted to you because it's 6AM?

Am I only attracted to you because it’s 6AM?

And also the whip from Very Good. It makes sense here, Park Kyung the Lion Tamer! But…it seems like a lot of their props are recycled. They’re not even trying to hide that fact, the very same people are using props that they used previously.






Another example would be Taeil and the utensils he uses as a violin in VG, he’s trying to eat the girl with in Jackpot.

So I realized why the girl was running away from Block B. The boys are set on giving her a make-over but…they’ve obviously never been to cosmetology school. If that’s the case then I can kind of comprehend why she’s so afraid. I don’t think I’d want to get my hair did by THIS…





But honestly, if B-Bomb wants me to wear a freaking maid outfit, I’d be like:

The final thing I want to mention about the MV is how fun their group dancing is. Don’t think I didn’t notice Block B’s worst dancers in the back. It’s cute, trying to fool us. Seriously, nice try guys! But these scenes are my favorite. Probably because of the exaggerated facial expressions and playful choreography. I really can’t wait to watch the BTS for this!


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