[K-Pop MV]: Akdong Musician – “200%” And “Play” Debut Album

After teasing us with a few promising previews for their official debut, YG‘s famous sibling duo Akdong Musician has finally released the entire MV for their first title track 200% (which Yang Hyun Suk picked himself) of their first album, Play.The siblings are equally talented but in different areas. While Lee Soo Hyun is the power voice of the group, her brother Lee Chan Hyuk is the brains behind the music. He has produced, composed, arranged and written the lyrics to all of the songs in the album.


What? Hold up, now. Did YG actually stay on schedule for AKMU’s debut, as promised? Serving as a motivation for the remaining K-Pop Star 3 contestants, AKMU’s debut stage was  held April 6 on the show, the same day as their MV release.

I’ve never really watched K-Pop Star so I’m not too familiar with the contestants. Despite this, Akdong Musician managed to gain so much love and attention that I happen to run into their performance clips during Season 2. I loved the way they would arrange songs to fit their unique sound, and I was very impressed with their self-composed pieces. I have to admit that when they signed with YG, I was a little worried that their music style would be tampered with to fit the YG hip hop style. Thankfully, it seems like YG hasn’t changed the charming sound or feel of their music at all.

It’s very fitting that as a YG group, Yang Hyun Suk chose 200% as AKMU’s first title track. Although it seems like  Parting, their 5th track on the album is the song with the most rap, 200% also has quite a bit of Chan Hyuk’s rapping balancing out Soo Hyun’s clear voice. The song has a charming upbeat, soft, jazzy feel to it. Akdong Musician’s songs are really perky and maybe it’s just me, but they put me in a good mood. Everything about it is dripping in innocence, from the music composition, the vocals, and even the music video itself. By the time I finished listening to the song I was smiling for no particular reason. This isn’t even the first time this happens with an Akdong Musician song, they’ve got a weird effect on me. XD

[Another performance that makes me smile by Akdong Musician] 

The lyrics can be a little bit messy when translated into English, but they are very sweet and for some reason, they’re a little bit funny to me. The English lyrics are not completely accurate, but the pronunciation makes up for the grammar mistakes. 200% doesn’t have the worst grammar mistakes that I’ve ever heard in K-Pop so it’s actually kind of fun to sing along to it.

Hey baby it’s comin’ new day 새로운 느낌이야 이건
Hey  이래 It’s common lovesick 아무래도 이거는 이거는

Translates to:

Hey baby it’s comin’ new day, this is a new feeling
Hey, what’s wrong, it’s common lovesick, this is, this is

The MV was beautifully shot in the Japanese island of Okinawa. The weather seems to be perfect this time of the year as the main story plot often captures a breezy flow that really helps add to the peacefulness and innocence of the MV’s atmosphere.

It starts off with Soo Hyun walking up to the bus stop where her Bang Yong Guk– lookalike crush Nam Juhyuk is waiting to get picked up.



Although waiting for the same bus, they keep a distance from each other but of course, Soo Hyun can’t help stealing glances at him. She has to quickly look away but cutely snickers to herself when she’s almost caught admiring ‘the view’ (and I’m not talking about the scenery, nawa mean? HAHA).

Feeling brave, she hovers over closer and closer. When Juhyuk turns around (because I’m guessing he’s feeling his personal space invaded right about now), she casually looks around like if nothing out of the ordinary is occurring (smooth).



In a different scene, the siblings are seen playing around as Chan Hyuk continues his rap.

You may have noticed the last line of Chan Hyuk’s first rap segment end with something like: “Ganjang kongjang kongjangjang Equals gan kongjangjang” This is a common tongue twister in Korea. I heard something similar once in a K-Drama but it doesn’t really mean anything in particular. It’s sure fun to say though, no?

Back to our love plot, Soo Hyun and Juhyuk are sitting on opposite sides of the bus. He is completely unaware of Soo Hyun who can’t keep her eyes from traveling over to him. As the day continues,  Soo Hyun’s stalking methods become bolder and bolder.


Soo Hyun casually attempts to snap a picture of her crush. At the danger of him discovering her intentions, she cleverly pretends to be taking a selca instead. This is so relatable that it’s practically a reenactment of my own memory.



Even when he’s peacefully trying to read his origami book while enjoying the nice weather, Soo Hyun can’t stop following him around.


Her ‘research’ on Juhyuk seems to pay off. She learns how to make origami and wins him over with an origami heart.

After that, things seem to be going really well for Soo Hyun. She bumps into Juhyuk in the bus which kickstarts a romance with her now requited love. They share the common interest of origami (while the bus driver creepily watches them from his overhead mirror) and continue to date. Everything seems to be perfect, Nam Juhyuk and Lee Soo Hyuk are just so cute together.

 There’s only one tiny problem. Back at the bus where Lee Soo Hyun and Nam Juhyuk bump into each other, it turns out that there was someone else present. Juhyuk actually has a girlfriend and all the cute little dates were just wishful thinking. HAHA aww bummer. ^^













I like MVs that have a plot to it. This one was especially endearing with its funny conclusion. Just like in the lyrics, Soo Hyun was just living a romance dream.

The sound of the wind that wakes me up in the morning makes harmony
The darkening moonlight let it go, the fresh romance dreams (good night)


YG is very confident in AKMU’s debut album and with good reason! I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a K-Pop debut album as much as I enjoyed Akdong Musician (unless you consider Busker Busker and their deubt album as K-Pop, which many do but I don’t). The pleasant flow of this CD is really relaxing. It’s upbeat enough to jam to and mellow enough to study to. I enjoyed all the songs but my 3 favorite songs in the album are 200%, Melted,  and On a Subway.

This album will have 3 title tracks. 200% (of course), Melted which is scheduled to have its MV release on April 14, and a third track that will be picked by the fans. I really hope On A Subway gets picked so we can get an MV but honestly, I wouldn’t be disappointed in whatever song gains that privilege.

And here’s something extra – the links to AKMU’s debut stages for their first two title tracks Melted, and 200%Can you tell I’m excited about this group?

Track List:
01. Give Love 0:00
02. 200% 02:56
03. 얼음들 (Melted)  06:10
04. 지하철에서 (On A Subway) 10:07
05. 가르마 (Parting) 13:48
06. 인공잔디 (Artificial Grass) 17:34
07. 안녕 (Hello) 21:20
08. 작은별 (Little Star) 25:08
09. 길이나 (Anyway) 28:55
10. 소재 (Idea) 32:04
11. Galaxy 35:25


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