[K-Pop MV]: BTOB – “뛰뛰빵빵 (Beep Beep)” and “뛰뛰빵빵” 4th Mini-Album

Before I begin talking about BTOB‘s newest comeback “Beep Beep“, I will rant a little about this group first.

BTOB is not my first K-Pop group, but you could say that they are the ones that revived my love for it. I don’t know what happened but after Big Bang released their albums “Alive” and “Still Alive” in 2012, I really didn’t feel like listening to anything else. It was like nothing was good enough and I thought maybe I had grown out of K-Pop. I managed to let one other group slide into my K-Pop world (B.A.P), but aside from them, I hardly ever listened to K-Pop unless it was one of my favorites every once in a while. When I turned on the K-Pop radio, it didn’t bring joy to me anymore, it really was like I was tired and unimpressed by everything.

That is, until one day last September I was listening to the K-Pop radio (like I did on rare occasions). The song that played was “Thriller” and I really enjoyed it! So much so, that I looked up the MV and started listening to more of their music!! It was like I had discovered K-Pop for the second time, I was binging on BTOB MVs and having such a good time watching their variety shows and interviews. The boys were charming and their music was great! I failed to run into any one song of theirs that I thought was crap or not good enough. They must have melted my ice-cold heart because after that, I started listening and enjoying other K-Pop groups, a lot of them newer rookies that I had never even heard about before!

Hearing that BTOB would be making a comeback made me SUPER excited, but it also made me a little nervous. I think BTOB is great but their music is very experimental, at first I couldn’t find a pattern in it. “Beep Beep” is another experiment but I think it could be up there with WOW, as it has a similar feel to it. They are both playful and if you pay closer attention, there’s something about their music composition that sounds like old pop. BTOB is kind of the ironic group of their generation.

Despite the song being pretty cheerful and the MV having the members acting so silly, this song is ACTUALLY a break up song! I know, go figure XD …Once again, K-Pop proves this is the season for break up songs…What is going on in Korea? or maybe it’s just the K-Pop idols that feel like breaking up lately.

The lyrics are actually pretty good, the catchy chorus makes me imagine that after breaking up, BTOB went for a drive and got distracted so they caused the traffic to stop.

Out of frustration, I went for a drive and as the music was playing…
Beep Beep Bang Bang X3
The honking noises are exceptionally irritating today, babe.

Although the boys do dance and their choreographies are usually pretty cool, I never really thought of BTOB as a dancing group. The beauty of this group is their powerful vocals. Their vocal line is very distinctive, probably the best from their time. In Beep Beep, it’s impressive how they could mix in those high note and rough rapping all in one song! All the boys sound different but their voices compliment each other and it’s hard to deny that these boys all sound great! I really want to watch a live performance of this. They always sing live, and of course they should with such a talented vocal line!

The best thing about this song has to be how CUBE finally gave Peniel his singing part. Not just a small rapping bit where he gets to say a few (pretty lame) English rhyming snippets but ACTALLY singing! It wasn’t much, I know his Korean isn’t the best but after almost 2 years, he finally was able to sing his own piece in KOREAN and sound pretty good!

This is another MV that I can’t go into TOO MUCH detail into, since there’s no story plot (yeah, I know this section is called ‘K-Pop MVs’) but when I watched this, I really just wanted to jump in there and join their little party and hilarious antics.

I love watching these boys smile. An MV where they can just let loose and transmit to the audience their real personalities is just perfect for them. The lyrics didn’t match the feel of this song at all, not even the MV, however, this is pop (a little more on the hip hop side, this time) so the ‘rules’ (if there is such a thing), can be loosely followed, or just completely ignored. I’m pretty sure it won’t hurt anyone’s feelings to make a sad break up song in an upbeat composition. This and sexy ladies in skimpy clothing really give off the impression of BTOB just throwing that old guide book out the window and yelling “Screw you, break-up ballad expectations!”.

I think it may have disturbed some of the viewers but the booty shorts really didn’t bother me. Come on, it’s CUBE, they sell sex for a living (not literally but…oh you know what I mean). It’s not like I enjoyed it but sexy concept seems to be a hot thing in Korea these days. I guess that’s one way to gain fanboys for a boy group, it’s quite clever, actually. I saw two or three boys commenting on about how much they enjoyed that part of the MV. -_- Boys will be boys.



01. 뛰뛰빵빵 (Beep Beep) 00:00
02. 끝난 건가요 (Is This The End) 03:30
03. 여보세요(Hello) 07:24
04. Hello Mello 10:38
05. 끝나지 않을 (Never Ending A.K.A Melody) 14:20

After listening to their mini-album, I have to say I’m really loving it! There’s only 5 songs in it but every single one is a wonderful quality. This album sounds like it may have been inspired by 90’s music. I’m a 90’s kid so yeah, for me it’s instant love. The slower songs are ballady and perfect!!! It’s kind of easy to pick my favorite song, Is This The End has so much emotion into it, I teared up a little listening to this song.

Hello Mello is also noteworthy because it’s got a lot of Peniel in it. He has never really had the chance to shine when it comes to is role as an idol member of the group so it makes me really happy to see he was given the chance to contribute to the music a LOT more than he ever has before.


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