[30 Day Challenge]: K-Pop Challenge

YAY! I’m finally done with my K-Pop 30 Day Challenge! I gotta say that this was a little tougher to keep up with because of school. After school I’d have to jump into study mode but going in to do my daily challenge was always a fun little escape. I did have days where I had to skip out on the daily challenge but I tried to make up for it by posting two (or three) of the days I missed. If I decide to do more 30 Day Challenges, I’ll just post them directly to HangukHobby instead of doing them in tumblr first, my tumblr is a little messy and hard to find things when I forget to tag them -_-

DAY #01: Your favorite k-pop guy group 

Big Bang


-The Big Bang members may be individually flawed: GD is arrogant, Taeyang is a shorty, TOP can’t dance, Daesung is the least attractive and Seungri‘s a bit too outspoken for his own good. Yet these boys are so much more than their outer appearances. GD is BB’s music maker, Taeyang is considered one of the best dancers in K-Pop, TOP’s deep tone can’t be described with words alone, Daesung’s voice is lovely and Seungri is….Seungri. They are all lovable, charismatic and their music is so diverse and catchy. They started off as a regular boy group but admirably evolved into creative musical artists. Not only do they succeed as Big Bang but in their own solo activities, as well. I really enjoy their music but I’m not educated in vocal technicalities so forgive me if I just sound like an overly-praising fangirl but…I am.


DAY #02: Your favorite k-pop girl group

Girls Generation (SNSD, Soshi, whatever)

-Historically, my first time listening to SNSD was the very same day that I discovered K-Pop. It was the first girl group I listened to that day and the 4th MV that I watched (my memory is embarrassing). It could have been a little too much for me, by the time I finished it I was in a @_@ state and I really just couldn’t believe how sickeningly sweet girls were in Korea (I should have mentioned that it was “Gee“). Despite the girls lining up and individual shots, I could hardly tell them apart. This and their ‘chipmunk’ voices was so frustrating to me so I actually quite hated them. I didn’t have much of a good impression on girl groups that day, everything I clicked on was aegyo and squirrely so I obsessed over boy groups while my opinion of girl groups was very low.

It was definitely the SNSD vs. 2NE1 fanwars that inspired me to listen to more of SNSD’s music. After discovering 2NE1 a few days later, I was convinced that they were superior and should not even be in the same category as the other girl groups (cuz you know, that’s what people were saying those days). I really don’t like thinking like this, it bothered me how close-minded I was being so I decided I was going to give other girl groups another chance. Little by little, I began to discover more and more music and enjoying stuff that I wouldn’t have thought I’d ever like. As a 16 year old kid, I really didn’t want to admit just how much I liked SNSD but I think I’m a lot less bias than I used to be. Yes people, I love SNSD and I’m not ashamed!!!!


DAY #03: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias 

Big Bang’s GD & TOP


-My ultimate K-Pop male bias is a tie between Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon and main rapper TOP.

G-Dragon is the key to BB’s success and they all know it. All of the nice things that YG has acquired over the past few years is mostly thanks to BB, and ultimately, GD. Even Papa YG has stated this himself! Switching modes from celebrity G-Dragon to child-like Jiyoung, he’s someone that I don’t quite understand. I want to call him cute and I want to say he’s cool; he seems so intimidating yet generous and kind. If I was given the opportunity, I don’t think I could ever like to meet him in person. One smart remark from him and I’d die X_X

TOP’s image is very cold, he even seems unapproachable at times. He has a way of sitting in a stiff, propped up position while he silently observes the people around him and occasionally smirks at his own mysterious thoughts. At first, it’s easy to misunderstand TOP as arrogant and conceited, but then he opens his mouth. What silly nonsense will our ChoomTOP come up with? Perhaps not as witty as Daesung, or outgoing as Seungri, TOP’s got an adorable side to him that completely shatters his image. He’s not just charming but he’s extremely handsome! So much so, he was even the poll winner and labeled as the sexiest male musician of 2013 by FUSE. This honor without having to take off his shirt, I’m so proud of Tabi ^^

So out of these two, who is my favorite rapper? Strictly subjective, I prefer TOP’s deep tone to GD’s more nasaly rapping style. At some point, I even thought how nice it must be to wake up to TOP’s voice in the morning 😛


DAY #04: Your ultimate k-pop girl bias

2NE1’s Dara


-I really love Dara’s personality, she’s so bright and sweet yet shy and awkward. It’s too cute how playful she can be but seeing her in some situations that require her to act like a fierce member of 2NE1, you may not be able to tell just what a fun person Dara really is. Still, she’s not someone that can hide her personality. Eventually, Dara’s true self comes out and it always makes me smile.


DAY #05: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group

Big Bang – “Haru Haru

Haru Haru is not only my favorite K-Pop song by Big Bang but one of those legendary songs that will always be thought fondly of by 2nd generation idol fans.


DAY #06: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite girl group

SNSD – “Genie

-Remember how scandalous those short shorts from their Genie era were? And the reference of this song in CN Blue’s “Love Light that had Sweet Potato shippers analyzing and tying two-and-two. Ah, the memories! This song’s a lot of fun, it was also the one that changed my opinion about SNSD. I really can’t hear this song without it getting stuck in my head for the rest of the day XD


DAY #07: A k-pop song that makes you cry

Epik High – “Run

-It’s pretty clear why this makes me tear up, I’m an emotional schmuck. But it’s not just about the MV, the lyrics are so beautiful.


DAY #08: A k-pop song you know all the words to

B.A.P – “Coffee Shop


-I practice reading Hangul and vocabulary by reading K-Pop lyrics and OST lyrics. This one was my first K-Pop song to memorize because I was practicing Hangul so yeah, this puppy’s engraved in my head, probably for LIFE!


DAY #09: Your favorite k-pop performance

GD & TOP – “Don’t Go Home


DAY #10: A k-pop dance you’d like to learn

Shinee – “Lucifer

-ALL OF SHINEE’S DANCES!! Primarily, this one. All of Shinee’s dances have some of the toughest, yet amazing choreographies.


DAY #11: Your favorite k-pop music video

K.Will – “Please Don’t

-PLOT TWIST!!!! I love it!! Whoever watched this innocently without reading spoilers or reading about an ‘unexpected ending’ then you were probably completely off guard with this story. I love everything about this MV: Music, K.Will, Dasom, Seo In Guk, story plot, it’s all perfect!


DAY #12: The very first k-pop song you’ve ever heard

Super Junior – “Sorry Sorry”

-The one that started it all, this song just brings tears to my eyes. It’s soooooooooooooooo special, I can hear this song and become instantly happy. I first got into K-Pop after listening to the parody of this song in You’re Beautiful. I thought it sounded so catchy but I only remembered ‘sorry sorry sorry sorry’. I plugged that into YouTube’s search engine and the rest is history. This was also my first K-Pop obsession. Actually, despite not listening to them in a long time, I still really love them so much. It’s a special love that I don’t think I can ever have for another K-Pop group.


DAY #13: Your first k-pop bias?



-The first K-Pop group I obsessed over was Super Junior. I know it’s shallow of me but SuJu’s visual, Siwon, was the first one that caught my eye. He’s freaking gorgeous PLUS a sweet-hearted gentleman. Not just that but he is also a funny/dorky boy who happens to be the son of a CEO to a large company, a Christian, hard working, kind and filial. How could there be someone so perfect? It’s an intimidating perfection, the kind where I may feel uncomfortable standing next to this guy because I’d start to feel so self-conscious of how flawed I am. I don’t think it’s possible to know idols’ true identities (especially SM idols), but from the superficial looks of it, this guy’s pretty clean-cut.


DAY #14: A k-pop song that makes you smile

f(x) – “Shadow

Shadow by f(x) makes me feel like a bakery shop’s cupcakes just came to life and started dancing on the counter. Creepy, yes. This song is also creepy for another reason other than the sound of it. Those lyrics!! Apparently they said it’s about a shadow falling in love with the owner but come on now, those lyrics scream crazy stalker and that’s how I interpreted it  XD I love the crazy feel of it, I wish they would have made an MV about it, I can imagine just how weird this would be.


DAY #15: A k-pop singer/idol’s voice you love


Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

-When it comes to a male’s vocals, I prefer listening to manly voices. Kyuhyun is exceptionally good at singing in a deep, rich tone. When I study, Kyuhyun’s ballads and OST songs are among my favorite. The way he holds and resonates his notes is beautiful and he can really express emotion well.


Sistar’s Hyorin

-Another one of my favorite go-to singers for study time, Hyorin’s raspy voice is very powerful and distinctive. Like Kyuhyun, she’s also pretty good at conveying emotion.


DAY #16: Your favorite k-pop lyric (and a translation)

The people of the world have turned their backs against me
The corners of their eyes are all twisted up
The greatest pain to me,
Is the fact that you became the same as them

-Big Bang “Monster


DAY #17: A k-pop idol you wish was your older sibling


-I was going to pick TOP as my big brother but…yeah, no. I’d pick him if this question said ‘A k-pop idol you wish was your husband’. HEHE. Then I was going to pick Dara as my sister but I like her too much to ruin anything XD not that I would hate my own sister but I’d probably not find her so adorable if I knew I grew up with her.

So as my sibling, I’m picking Seungri. Why? Because there’s no way I could fall in love with him. After all these years I find him super cute and outgoing but he’s too funny for me. I know this is what most people want, someone that can make them laugh, but Seungri’s too much for me XD Everything he says and does just about has me rolling on the floor. He’s also someone I can see myself getting annoyed at. That’s just what siblings do, right? Get on each other’s nerves 😀 At the end of the day, you still love your brother/sister, no matter what. Oh, and he’s also a Big Bang member so yeah, I could totally use that to my own advantage.

“Oppa, can I go to your concert and visit you backstage and hang out in the waiting room while you do your solo and TOP’s probably in there waiting for his turn?” HEHE


DAY #18: A k-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling

VIXX‘s Hyuk

-I can’t believe how much Hyukkie has changed! He doesn’t look so much like a baby anymore but he’ll always be Hyukkawaii!!! He makes me want to take him home with me and put him to bed.


DAY #19: Your favorite interview of a k-pop idol or group

-Is this even an interview? Ah, who cares, it’s Woobie fanboying over GD!! He does ask him a question or two so I guess it kind of IS an interview, in a way (not really, oh well).


DAY #20: Your favorite picture of your guy k-pop bias


-LOL what the…what kind of question is that? If GD or Tabi are in it, they’re ALL my favorite pictures of them!


DAY #21: Your favorite picture of your girl k-pop bias



-It’s not really about the pictures, it’s just that the situation is hilarious XD


DAY #22: Your favorite picture of your favorite k-pop group


-So many colors! So many patterns! Seungri what are you wearing? Daesung, that looks like an outfit I own @_@ CAN’T LOOK AWAY!!


-And here’s an extra one that I used to have as a screensaver. Those boys in a Snoopy shirt, mmmmm.


DAY #23: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is underrated



-Not just one idol but an entire group! U-Kiss is well-known by the international fans to be the most underrated group. They have some of the most memorable songs and their albums do pretty well but they’ve never won a music award! It’s been stated that the problem lies in their company’s poor promotional tactics. I can see how this could be a problem but U-Kiss HAS appeared in plenty of variety shows and participated in many idol events. They’ve had the opportunity to show the world what they’ve got. I remember they were promoting while SHINee and other big names were so I think because they were over-shadowed by them, they may have missed a lot of opportunities to show off while everyone was supporting their ultimate biases. It’s sad but at least they have their fans from around the world that love them very much. It’d be nice if they would finally win a music award, they really deserve it, but as long as they keep releasing good music and stay together, their fans will keep supporting and loving U-Kiss.

Right about now, I’m SUPER jealous of the US fans that got to go to their concerts. TT_TT


DAY #24: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is overrated

miss A’s Suzy


-I don’t like this question, I feel like it can easily mistake someone’s choice as the idol they dislike the most. Well, in my case this is not it, at all.

Suzy is really pretty but I honestly don’t get why she’s such a big deal. Her singing is alright and her dancing isn’t a complete mess but she is a perfectly good example as to how important visuals are in K-Pop. She overshadows the other members in the group that can sing and dance better than her. She is also casted as lead in dramas and movies when she’s not that great of an actress. She definitely has improved. For the most part, I thought she did a descent job in her role as Yeo Wool in her last K-Drama project Gu Family Book, but I still noticed a lot of her awkwardness coming out every once in a while. 


DAY #25: Your favorite k-pop otp


-I’m definitely not very into K-Pop OTPs but PenJae…they freaking ship themselves! Since this is the tumblr ocean and ships as far as the eye can see, I guess I won’t sound like a weirdo. Here, I sound more like a weirdo when I admit that I actually dislike fanfiction and the hardcore yucky stuff is just too much for me.


DAY #26: Your favorite cover of a k-pop song by another k-pop artist

Sungjae singing Lee Seung Gi‘s “Alone In Love” and Seo In Guk‘s “My Baby U


DAY #27: Your favorite dance battle

Teen Top‘s Weekly Idol Random Plays

-Not much of a dance BATTLE, but when it comes to Teen Top, it’s safe to consider it to be so (unofficially). Known as the ‘violent idol group’, Teen Top likes to live up to their title. Instead of denying it or claiming it’s s a misunderstanding, the boys always find a way to make us laugh with their silly fights. Usually it’s pretty funny but sometimes I worry they might hurt themselves. Still, I like seeing Teen Top act like regular boys even though I do have to look away when it’s Ricky‘s turn to get ‘punished’.


DAY #28: Your favorite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist

Shinee’s Jonghyun – “As Long As You Love Me” by Justin Beiber

-I’m not a JB hater. He’s a hateful guy but I enjoy a FEW of his songs(I feel like these challenges will get me strangled). As Long As You Love Me happens to be my favorite song by him but I’m sorry JB, you did a good job with this song but Jonghyun killed it. This is freaking amazing, better than the original!


DAY #29: A k-pop song you never get tired of

Block B – “Nilili Mambo

-I have a lot of songs I don’t get tired of. I guess I’m only supposed to pick just one so I’ll go with Nilili Mambo. It’s a fun song that is something I need to listen to when I work out and go for a jog.


DAY #30: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles

BTOB‘s Hyunsik ❤



DAY #31: A k-pop album you really love

Busker Busker‘s 2nd Full-length album

-Not technically K-Pop but because of their promotional methods and Superstar K, they’re well-known in the K-Pop world.


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