[K-Pop MV]: K.Will & Mamamoo – “Peppermint Chocolate” ft. Wheesung

Mamamoo is back with another collaboration, this time teaming up with vocalist K.Will and featuring Wheesung. Can this project get any better? Oh, why don’t we add VIXX‘s drop-dead gorgeous visual Hongbin and sassy leader N into the stew pot?

This is my first time hearing Mamamoo, I did notice their first song, Don’t Be Happy ft. Bumkey, in January but there was so much going on in K-Pop that I had not gotten the chance to check them out yet (yeah, I forgot about them, my bad). I was surprised to learn that this group has not officially debuted but since I just barely heard about them, I still can’t tell who is who.

 The song, Pepperming Chocolate (or Some Guy Some Girl), sounds just as cool as the group name (Mamamoo, seriously I love it!). It has a funky feel to it, I really like what K-Pop’s been doing with the electric guitar lately. The girls’ vocals are also no joke! I was expecting them to be totally awesome (since they’re collaborating with K.Will) and I was not disappointed!! I really feel like my ‘girl group era’ wish is coming true, I can’t believe so many of the girl groups have been kicking ass the way they have!

The lyrics to this song are a trip. I mean that in a good way, it’s so cheesy and I’m not even sure what some of it even means! Despite this, it’s actually kind of fun. It’s like a chocolate-love comparison:

Romance cool
My coffee chocolate
It’s not just about being sweet
Peppermint chocolate
Minty sweetness
Just like two of us

It kind of reminds me of Urban Zakapa’s Caffe Latte‘s coffee-love comparison (another really great song, if you haven’t heard it, I highly recommend it):

Baby baby you’re caramel macchiato
Still, near my lips, your scent is sweet
Baby baby, tonight
Baby baby, you’re more than the scent of caffe latte
Do you remember this feeling, this comfort
Baby, baby, tonight

As for the MV, it doesn’t necessarily have a story plot, but there’s a lot going on that it’s fun to watch. It’s a lot of posing and individual shots, so I won’t go into too much detail of it. Instead I just want to talk about a specific scene where the girls are treating their male patient (because I am a nurse student and these scenes are particularly interesting to me).

They’ve got this dude hooked up to an EKG machine but in the defibrillator screen, his heart rate seems to be reading a slow heart rate (sinus bradycardia, perhaps?).  The girls decide they will bring up his heart rate by giving him a piece of chocolate. This causes the QRS complex (which is the 3 squigglies that determine ventricular depolarization) to become heartshaped!! Holy crap, someone call the doctor, them readings are whacked!!! Seriously, these girls just turned a perfectly safe heart rate into an impossible wave shape with a piece of chocolate!

ekgHehe, okay I was joking. I know it’s just an MV. If we’re going to talk non-realistic logic, we could read into this scene as the dude just had his slow, normal heart conquered by the nurse.

VIXX doesn’t make their anticipated appearance until the very end where they proceed to have a dance party with Mamamoo and their MV boyfriends. Call me bias, I dun currrr, I watched this MV the whole time, waiting for them to pop up (all the while enjoying the song, seriously, this song is good!). When they finally do get their promised screen time, whaahahahahaha! I love their cute dance in this. It gives off a silliness, probably from Hongbin/N smiling as if they know on the other side of the screen, thousands of fangirls were waiting for them to show up. Cocky boys XD


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