[K-Pop MV]: B.A.P – “1004 (Angel)” and “First Sensibility” First Full-Length Album

From the time of their powerful debut, B.A.P has earned the recognition of being the ‘tough’ idol group. Conquering the hearts of many with their aggressive music, B.A.P established their image from the very beginning, unlike most other groups. This doesn’t mean they have not experimented with their music. On the contrary, B.A.P has never been afraid to try out new things and release them boldly for their Babyz to enjoy. This is no exception for their first full-length album First Sensibility. This album shows and impressive variety of sounds that pull together rather nicely. I cannot express the amount of respect I have for their hard-working leader, Bang Yong Guk who has always been involved in creating their music, including the composition and lyrics of their songs.

It feels like I’ve been waiting for B.A.P‘s 2014 comeback for ages. With their teasers and album sample to help boost my expectations, I could hardly hold back my enthusiasm for them to return with title track “1004“.

Although I wanted to talk about the song composition separately, the downloadable version and the MV version of it are a little different so instead of doing it how I usually do it, I’ll just jump right into the MV, which is actually a rather lovely production.

The MV version of this song can be best described as sort of a back-and-forth mix between 1004 and Save Me(which reminds me a little bit of the intro to Metallica‘s “One), the 11th song in their album. The MV starts off with Save Me, as Bang Yong Guk runs through a dessert land. It’s not a hot kind of dessert scene, instead it feels lonely and empty, you can even say it’s actually cold(he’s wearing a jacket in the dessert). Bang leader stops in a site where there are mammoth bones sticking out from the ground and looks around as if this place is familiar to him.


Save Me successfully changes into the acoustic intro of 1004 at around 0:23 where the scene also shifts to a brightly lit library and Daehyun, who is looking around the large room. b10 b11

There is a black and white flashback of a girl looking into an old antique doll houses and next to an hour glass. I guess sad breakup songs are trending this winter season. Let us acknowledge Melon‘s indiscreet branded furniture. Are they selling tables, now?


Daehyun touches a vintage film projector but then the scene shifts to Himchan! He turns on the projector with his beautiful hand – I have a thing for men with pretty hands…or men…who are Himchan….who’s looking all fly…and makes a girl feel like a perv for taking a screenshot of his hand – only when the camera focuses out again, the scene changes back to Daehyun. Was this girl playing my boys? Uh-uh, we gonna have problems.


Daehyun looks very devastated but Himchan smiles as he watches an old clip and reminisces about the happy memories with his girlfriend.


Bang Yong Guk’s voice breaks in with an “I need you” and BAM the music instantly picks up into a quicker pace. The soft acoustic intro to 1004 is very soothing, I love acoustic music! But this progression has that oomph, B.A.P power to it! This is also exhilirating for a more visual reason in the MV. Our maknaes finally make an appearance in a dynamic duo dance. NOONA FEELZ X_X


Once our babies finish their amazing dance, Youngjae goes all Justin Timberlake on us when he sings his verse inside a house of mirrors.


In this house of mirrors, he sees her walking by but because of the confusing effects this room has, he isn’t able to find the real her (or it could be he’s hallucinating, that sounds good too).

We’re given a quick glimpse of Daehyun playing with an old camera before the scene shifts to our Jonguppie in front of a cracked wall in the shape of angel’s wings. He runs his fingers through the cracks and we see some tears run down his face TT_TT


Our Jongup angel

We’re taken back to the bright library where Daehyun is still fiddling with things on the table. This time he’s playing with horse toys which is when the scene shifts AGAIN, but this time it’s our Zelo baby, running hand-in-hand toward a carousel with the same girl that was dating the other 4 members. Out of all the scene themes in this MV, Zelo’s carnival date is my favorite. The carousel’s lights and the hazy effects make it look so pretty and romantic.


After this scene and another quick flash to Bang’s leader’s dessert scene and Daehyun’s library(lots of Daehyun in this), the group is finally given a group dance sequel. There’s a part in the choreography that’s too damn cool to describe with words. It looks simple but it would probably kill my back if I tried it.

Bang leader then finally gets his own SHORT rap part. I feel like there’s not enough Bang in this song, as soon as it’s his moment we just get a brief shot of him digging something up, then Zelo breaks in.

In Zelo’s carnival date scene, Zelo’s off to the side trying to turn the carousel on. It explodes but his girlfriend is in there! You know what REALLY happened was that when Babyz found out that this chick was cheating on all 5 members, a cray-cray went in there and tampered with the buttons so when Zelo turned it on, it blew up.


Another chorus number breaks in and this time we get a crotch thrust. I’m going to take another moment right now to appreciate Jonguppie’s thighs in those pants. Yessir!

So the scenes keep shifting (lots of shifting) in a Bang-Zelo rap. As this is going on, everyone’s starting to get to their climax. First, Himchan is searching frantically around the room. He finds a gun that he was apparently looking for. Huh? I thought he was the calmest, even smiling from his memories. The song ONCE AGAIN changes in tone, and really, I’m just loving all the changes in this song, it’s working out wonderfully!!! Bang is back but this time, he’s lowly singing at a slower pace.

I want to find you
Where, where, where am I going?
To the place where you are
A better day, a better day, a better day


Daehyun is finally done going through the stuff in the room and is headed up the steps. Bang leader’s found what he was looking for, a castle that looks like it could be made of silver (and here I thought he was trying to dig up a dinosaur).  Back to the library, Daehyun is sadly holding that same silver castle that Bang Yong Guk just dug out.

Bang is relieved to have found the castle but this scene is interesting. I get the feeling that I was only watching it superficially before but now that I understand the lyrics and went back to screencap it, it’s as if Bang wasn’t looking for just anything. This is his missing piece. Something that was buried in a depressing, desolate place inside himself. Maybe he had buried his memories of her and now that he’s tired of living so lonely and pathetic he has become strong enough to let himself think of her and become himself again. THIS MAKE SENSE! I may be over-thinking it, but I like this deeper meaning to Bang’s theme. I think I changed my mind. I do love the beauty of Zelo’s carnival date but this deeper side of the MV is giving me chills. Bang leader’s dessert digging is my new favorite theme.


Okay, now that I feel so refreshed, the song changes COMPLETELY (again) back to Save Me. Honestly, if I didn’t know any better I would think it’s part of the same song, these two songs make the exchanges EXTREMELY well. I kind of want a downloadable version of this.

Anyway, as Save Me starts to play, Himchan raises the gun to…the wall that has the projection playing *PHEW*. The projection is showing a clip of Himchan’s gorgeous smile. The clip and the actual Himchan are completely contrasting! The real Himchan is done with his happy front and is just letting the miserable tears roll down now TT_TT

This song is making me feel like something crazy’s about to go down, I literally had some tears building up, dust caught in my eyes…you know from Bang’s dessert scene *nervous laugh*.  


Back to our Jonguppie which I had kind of forgotten about; he punches the  wall in frustration but one of those punches goes in a little too deep as he breaks a hole and it turn out there’s a whole other side. He was a prisoner in these walls (which he could have easily turned to his left and noticed that the wall ends  just 2 feet away), and now he is free.


Okay, it’s Daehyun’s turn to get over his girlfriend. He picks up the hour glass from the table and turn it back so that the sand starts falling again. I think this means that when she left, time stopped but now he is willing to get back to living in the present and not let his memories of her hinder him. He seems to be so tired out, like he’s ready to leave this library and go back to the real world (remember he was trying to climb up the steps before).


Himchan’s doing something crazy, as I though he would. Depressed boys just shouldn’t be holding guns. He points it at the mirror where his reflection is aiming the gun to his own head.

The song goes back to 1004 for the last time and we see Youngjae in front of the mirror. He punches it and starts to bleed (which you know…that probably WOULD happen if you punch a mirror like that). And everyone gets one last shot of themselves in a more relaxed state in their individual scenes. Zelo is seen going in for a kiss with his girlfriend (nooooooo, not my baby!). It turns out, she didn’t die, after all! She was so touched by Zelo running to save her that she decided it was time to stop playing with the B.A.P members and picked Zelo as her only love. Fine, I forgive you but don’t you dare make my Zelo cry, you hear?


It’s finally the end of the MV and Himchan is still standing in front of the mirror. What does this mean, exactly? Allow me to think positively about this scenario. The mirror Himchan is his depressed self (depressed people can be suicidal). Real Himchan is scared to let go of his girlfriend but he knows he has to get rid of his old self to begin living life normally again. He’s at first scared because getting rid of who you’re used to being is a hard thing to do, he even seems like he changes his mind for a brief moment. However, Himchan musters up his courage and pulls the trigger that kills his crazy. I think shooting the man in the mirror was a good thing. Now Himchan can focus on refining himself and coping with his loss in a more peaceful way. Why does someone always have to get shot in B.A.P’s videos? Why can’t someone just walk in on his coocoo moment and offer him a batch of brownies?


I think this is the longest I’ve ever written an MV recap to, there was a LOT of content plus talking about the song and all the shifting that went on @_@. For me, the song is perfect. I loved it and I don’t care what anyone else has to say about it. I’ve always enjoyed how well the vocals work in B.A.P. With Daehyun’s high pitch, Youngjae as main singer, deep Bang Young Guk rapping (the deepest in K-Pop, as far as I know), Zelo’s nasaly yet swaggy rap and vocal help from Jongup and Himchan, this group’s got a nice variety that lets everyone show off their individual colors and balance each other out.

The MV though…I liked a lot of things about it but Youngjae/Jongup’s parts were a bit lacking. In Jongup’s case, perhaps it was because he was imprisoned inside empty walls but…IDK, his part was the most boring to me TT_TT I actually didn’t catch his individual scene the first time, I thought he didn’t get his own. I still luuuuuubs you Jonguppie!!

The choreography is really great, I can’t wait to see a live version performance of it because there was too much cool and I’m suspecting there’s a lot more awesome that wasn’t shown because of the story plots.

Track List:

01. B.A.P 00:00
02. 1004 (Angel) 01:29
03. 쉽죠 04:56
04. Spy 08:33
05. Check On 11:43
06. Shady Lady 14:51
07. Lovesick 18:39
08. Bang X2 22:09
09. S.N.S 25:06
10. Body & Soul 29:07
11. Save Me 32:57
12. B.A.B.Y 36:38
13. With You 40:15

Okay, now time for my brief thoughts on B.A.P’s entire album. I don’t usually buy whole albums. I’m a university student, I iz poor! Listening to albums online and buying just my favorite songs works for me, I have to be thrifty like that to survive. HOWEVER, B.A.P’s First Sensibility is something I have to have! I want it, I NEED IT (cuz K-Pop fans still love albums and all the goodies that come with them)! All the songs are great, seriously there wasn’t anything that I disliked! I’ve always enjoyed B.A.P’s songs, I even liked Badman, which gets brought up as if it’s some kind of shameful disappointment from B.A.P.

If I had to pick a favorite, it has to be between Body & Soul which is some kind of sensual track and Shady Lady which is so smooth and chill so I can study to it 😛


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  1. banatana · · Reply

    I really like your Bang Yongguk and Himchan theories because I was confused, especially Bang Yongguk’s part. I’m not very good with symbolism but the part where he’s digging next to the bones can also symbolize that it was kind of like a grave where he buried himself or like you said, his memories but now he wants them back.

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