Monthly Archives: February 2014

[K-Pop MV]: BTOB – “뛰뛰빵빵 (Beep Beep)” and “뛰뛰빵빵” 4th Mini-Album

Before I begin talking about BTOB‘s newest comeback “Beep Beep“, I will rant a little about this group first. BTOB is not my first K-Pop group, but you could say that they are the ones that revived my love for it. I don’t know what happened but after Big Bang released their albums “Alive” and […]

[30 Day Challenge]: K-Pop Challenge

YAY! I’m finally done with my K-Pop 30 Day Challenge! I gotta say that this was a little tougher to keep up with because of school. After school I’d have to jump into study mode but going in to do my daily challenge was always a fun little escape. I did have days where I […]

[K-Pop MV]: K.Will & Mamamoo – “Peppermint Chocolate” ft. Wheesung

Mamamoo is back with another collaboration, this time teaming up with vocalist K.Will and featuring Wheesung. Can this project get any better? Oh, why don’t we add VIXX‘s drop-dead gorgeous visual Hongbin and sassy leader N into the stew pot? This is my first time hearing Mamamoo, I did notice their first song, Don’t Be […]

[K-Pop MV]: B.A.P – “1004 (Angel)” and “First Sensibility” First Full-Length Album

From the time of their powerful debut, B.A.P has earned the recognition of being the ‘tough’ idol group. Conquering the hearts of many with their aggressive music, B.A.P established their image from the very beginning, unlike most other groups. This doesn’t mean they have not experimented with their music. On the contrary, B.A.P has never […]

[ 30 Day Challenge]: “K-Drama Challenge”

Now that January is over, so is my tumblr 30 Day K-Drama Challenge. It was a lot of fun and some days I even had to hold back from answering the next question. Although I did complete this in tumblr, I thought I’d post them here where I don’t run the risk of losing everything […]