[K-Pop MV]: Ga In – “Fxxk You” ft. Bumkey

Ga In‘s back with another mature 19+ solo release, and this time we get an intense message delivered to the us through her sexy time with actor Joo Ji Hoon in her MV for “Fxxk You“.

You probably remember Joo Ji Hoon from legendary hit K-Drama, Goong. Even though I do know that he’s done a few recent projects, this MV is the first time I’m actually seeing him since his release from prison and military discharge. It feels like I just ran into an old boyfriend, he was actually one of my first K-Drama crushes.


Now that I got that off my chest, the second thing I want to do is to express my relief for this MV release. Finally, a girl song that I can discuss the content to, and wow, is there a lot to talk about. As a fan of her last mature MV “Bloom“, I was not at all surprised to hear she’d be coming out with another bold theme. In fact, I was anticipating it. I have much respect for her ability to express sex so naturally in her MVs. For Fxxk You, once again, I feel that she was able to shine a light at an important side of sex without making the subject feel like a naughty deed.

I’ll start off by discussing the song composition.

If I could mute the singing for a moment, the instrumental sound of this song is extremely simple. The beat was neither pretty nor sexy and it never picked up or developed throughout the entire song. Although a tad bit too basic, it’s not an unpleasant sound but I think there could have been a little more to it in order to really feel like the sound is going in as deep as the subject which the song is about.

The vocals for this song are nice, of course. Ga In is a very good singer and I just love Bumkey‘s voice. I liked his input to the lyrics, it was as if they were having a conversation. A sex musical.

What I absolutely did not like was the ‘fuck you’ chorus.

Even Jo Kwon hates that word

Ghaaaa I know that’s the main point of the song, I mean it’s even the title, for crying out loud! I’m a 20 year old girl so it’s not like I hate the use of it because it’s a ‘bad’ word or thinking ‘ooooh she said the f-word’. However, Ga In sounds awkward saying it, it sounds like she’s saying ‘fahkyoooou~’. It’s also not executed very powerfully and I was a bit confused as to its intended purposes at first. Was she cussing him out or encouraging him? After reading the entire lyrics translation I came to the conclusion that she was definitely cussing him out, but this was not clear to me from the very first time. Overall, I don’t think this was a good choice of words at all. There could have definitely been a better option than the f-bomb because that word just sounds like a joke.

Besides the ‘f-word’ in the chorus, the lyrics are quite descent, I can really hear them battling each other as if it really WAS a sex scene off a musical. While Ga In is trying to push him away and tell him she doesn’t want to ‘do it’ like that, he’s trying to push himself onto her selfishly. It’s kind of scary and concerning but I liked this take on sex that Ga In took. Like I said before, I like how natural she makes it seem. While in  her first MV for Bloom, she was singing about losing her innocence and ‘doing it’ for the first time, in Fxxk You she’s expressing the darker side of a sexually active relationship.

Fxxk U, you know, Fxxk U
I don’t want to lie beside You as if it’s something natural
Fxxk U, you know, Fxxk U
I don’t want to Do it like this

Now, as for that MV… It sure doesn’t beat around the bush as the video starts off with a groping scene between Joo Ji Hoon and Ga In. She’s not feeling the sexy right now but he keeps kissing and thrusting himself onto her. At first she tries to fight it off but he becomes violent and evidently more forceful.


Ga In is seen singing her song on the floor of what looks to be a cushioned home bar and mirror where she expresses her discontent as this scene flashes back and forth with the story line.


Simultaneously, we also have flashes of Ji Hoon rolling around on the ground. It kind of gives off the impression that he’s in pain. Desperate much?


Back to our love-making plot, Ga In is still pushing off Ji Hoon but she’s only half-spiritedly doing so. She seems exhausted as if she’s been doing this for a while and she’s used to it. Ji Hoon becomes even more annoyed with her and shoves her onto a glass wall where, I’m assuming, he has his way with her (we don’t get that into details in this video, remember, it’s an MV not a porno).

Is he...crying?

Is he…crying?

The next scene a new scenario. Ji Hoon has Ga In pinned to the wall in the middle of a stair case and she seems pretty pissed.


Ga In is trying to get away from this crazy fellow but he pulls her back. It seems raping her wasn’t enough for this guy, he still wants to keep going and Ga In’s just taking it quietly now. He kisses her but she’s obviously not going to react to it, she’s disgusted with him.


In a flash scene to Ji Hoon on the floor (remember the ugly mustard-colored suit scene), he is now sitting up and looking a bit less in pain. He seems to be more calm now that he got what he wanted.



However, the fighting doesn’t stop there. Ga In recovers her spirits as she finally spits and pushes him off more violently. I’m thinking she loses this second battle again because the scene changes once again and we see Ji Hoon holding her like a little child on a chair. She doesn’t look happy to be there one bit.


We’re given a different scene now. Ji Hoon is sitting in front of a cake but he’s not even looking at it. His eyes are only on Ga In while he, once again, starts acting like a pained little kid.


He’s getting horny again

This next scene is crazy! Ji Hoon and Ga In are behind a shower curtain being all ‘human centipede’ during their sexy time. It kind of looks like he’s trying to consume her or something weird, it doesn’t look like sex, it really gives me the creepies!


In the shower, there’s a huge squirt of blood. Honestly, this doesn’t make much sense. She’s sitting there and at first it kind of seems like maybe she stabbed him in there but he seems totally fine so I don’t really think that’s HIS blood. Was it her time of the month or something? Sorry for putting it out there but I couldn’t possibly have been the only one thinking it. This scene is just a bit redundant, in my opinion.


I really don’t want to know where that blood came from

The final scene is also kind of strangely made. Ji Hoon puts out the candles with his hands (I’ve been doing it wrong my whole LIFE!!), and just plops his head on it. He died? Was the cake poison? Because he didn’t even taste it. What a waste. Cake, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Okay, now that I’m done describing this MV, I will just come out and say what I thought about it. I didn’t LIKE it very much but there’s so much weirdly portrayed things in it that I did ENJOY it. It had the opposite effect of what it should have. I didn’t realize what a trip it was the FIRST time I watched it but I already know how unimpressionable I can be sometimes.

I liked the theme and message behind it. No, I’m not talking about how encouraging it is to kill your abusive boyfriend. I think it’s pretty impressive how Ga In went for such a bold subject. Not only did she tackle a hush-hush theme such as sex, but she portrayed a side of sex that is not commonly done so: the danger of staying in a sexually dysfunctional relationship.

To sum it up, I didn’t love this as much as I wanted to. There were many things I did think were pretty cool but too many things that I didn’t. I hope no one thinks I’m some kind of bitter anti because I’m not. I’m still looking forward to Ga In’s new album.

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