[K-Pop MV]: Kiss&Cry – “Domino Game”

Call me arrogant if you will, but I usually don’t expect much from rookie groups. Whether or not the debut song is good doesn’t affect my opinion of a group because I’ll probably not become an instant fan (there’s a few exceptions). This doesn’t mean that I will despise them but my opinion of rookie groups is usually just average.

I’m too excited about newly-debuted girl group Kiss&Cry to make a rational opinion of them, but their song “Domino Game” is honestly one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time coming from a rookie group, and even longer from a girl group. My intentions for listening to this song was just like anything else I listen to, with a “why not?” attitude, as I deviated my attention away from Study Time to K-Pop Time. Without much of an expectation, as soon as I began listening to this song, my indifference vanished and I perked up in my seat. If I was a fanboy, I may have even fallen off my chair.

For being at an amateur level, I really didn’t even recognize one small hint of them being newbies. They dominated that song with their vocals, their presence, everything! I’m assuming their confidence came from experience in the industry, Dia was a solo artists before joining Kiss&Cry and two other members have been in girl groups in the past. Bo Hye was in girl group Bella, while Soyumi is from VNT. The other member Hae Na is completely new to the industry.  I’m hoping that this can be the start of an influential girl group era, it’s been a while since we’ve last seen such times but lately, it’s the girl groups’ songs that have been making the strongest impact on me.

This song has an interesting sound composition. I highly enjoy the jazzy wind instruments added to K-Pop songs but Domino Game isn’t just that. There’s a fun beat to it, it actually has a Latin-American music feel to it. You can just as much fist pump to this as you can salsa dance to it.

Their chorus line and title ‘Domino Game’ give their lyrics a totally different meaning, so I like their choice of emphasis on this song. Instead of me imagining that they are singing about a loser-winner kind of game, their references make me think that they are referring to breaking up as the domino effect. Now that their old boyfriend is no longer in their life, they won’t be affected by his decisions. I should have mentioned that it’s a break up song but it doesn’t portray a brokenhearted devastation. The lyrics are about a girl (or girls) that are every bit as strong as the song and dance. Basically, they are saying it’s over, no more games.

I’m going to stop here, stop crying
My body and heart is all worn out
Those lies saying you love me
I won’t believe it, I’ll erase you

I was very surprised at the harmony of this group. They sound very perfect together! All four members have a distinctive, unique voice that doesn’t overpower or fall short in the group. It was my first time listening to them but I could quickly make out who’s voice belonged to who by the time I finished watching their MV. Their visuals are also very impressive. To be a K-Pop idol, you usually do have to be an attractive person. However, Kiss&Cry members are so sophisticated! Although the sexy concept is nothing new, they didn’t go for a seductive sexy. Their MV concept was a very classy and enviable sexy that even women would be dazzled.


As for the MV content itself, it wasn’t very special. I’ve mentioned this in my Girl’s Day “Something post, but girl group MVs are most commonly very standard. We get a few dance sequences in 3-4 different sets and a few individual shots from the members. Since this is their first MV ever, I think it’s alright. The basics can be a good way to introduce the members with nothing too flashy that will distract the viewer from appreciating them.

One of my favorite parts about the MV was when the members lined up and created a synchronized clock movement with their arms.

I’m sure many of us noticed that Dia, had some similarities to Super Junior‘s beloved leader, Leeteuk. She seriously looks like she could be his twin sister. I’ve never heard of her before Kiss&Cry but Dia resemblance to Leeteuk gave me a sense of familarity. I really miss him TT_TT



Again, I’m a bit sad that I can’t go into detail about the MV. There’s no story line so there’s no point in me describing it when it’s just the members dancing.

Sources: Mr.Popo


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