[K-Pop MV]: GOT7 – “Girls Girls Girls” and “Got It?” First Mini-Album

I was honestly not planning on writing about JYP‘s fresh new group, GOT7 that recently debuted with “Girls girls girls“, but my roommate’s been playing and singing this song all freaking week and I can’t get it out of my head now. To understand what the whole hype around this group is, I went ahead and watched their MV and listened to their whole album Got It?.

Before I begin with my rant (or perhaps I already started it and I didn’t even realize it), I want to reminisce on the first time I ever saw these boys (the non-JJ Project ones). It was, as others have, during they YG vs. JYP competition in YG’s Win: Who Is Next? reality show. Although at the time, to me they were just trainees and nothing was certain, three of these trainees stood out to me. One was Jackson for the obvious resemblance to Jonghyun from SHINee. The second one was Mark, after that amazing flying back flip that almost looks unreal when you watch it the first time. The third was BamBam who was acknowledged by YG himself and really, how can you not notice that little dude in there, dancing his heart out?

I am very happy that all three of them debuted under JYP not even a year after I was first introduced to them! Of course, I was already familiar with GOT7’s leader JB and Jr. from JJ Project and Dream High 2 but the other members are totally new to me, or it could be that they also participated in the competition against the YG boys but I don’t remember them.

I can’t say that this song did much to me the first time I heard it. I didn’t automatically love it like ‘ohmyfreakinggoshimustdownloadthissongrightaway’ but I also didn’t hate it. After listening to it a few more times, it grew on me and now that I can’t stop singing “girls girls girls they love me”, I’m not 100% sure if it’s safe to say that I actually enjoy it or that I may eventually come to despise the chorus that’s been over-playing in the back of my mind.

Putting all of my psychological issues aside, my opinion of this song is that it’s OK. It’s not great but it’s by far not the worst debut song in the history of K-Pop. Speaking as a non-JYP stan, I find this song catchy and kind of fun, once you get past the fact that it’s supposed to be the title song to their debut album. The reason I say this is because it doesn’t really feel like a debut song, but I’m no expert and really don’t have the qualifications to deem something worthy of being a debut song, or not, however, you have to admit that the lyrics are bold for a rookie group that’s never had a mob of screaming babes clawing their way through the crowd, trying to rip off their shirts (well, except maybe JB and Jr.). This is what I imagined they were talking about when I read the lyrics (I like how JYP included the lyrics in their MV). Well, I guess you don’t really have to be some mega superstar to be loved by the opposite gender but I mean….why else would you sing about it if you’re not talking about such experiences?

Just seeing me makes them go crazy
My look, my style, my swagger

As for the dancing, it’s pretty obvious that the boys held back a lot, they specialize in b-boying and really, this choreography did not show off their full potential. It was kind of cutesy (which was not what I would have imagined they would be aiming for from the sound of their song), but it makes up for their bold lyrics. 

Don’t know if you’ll understand, but it’s like I ate a magnet
My body pulls the girls around me, can’t do a thing
So many times already, this single day? I’m just too popular

I almost feel like they are trying to win us over and get us to ignore the reality of their words by being so adorable, kind of like when we attempt to do a little aegyo and be a cutie to get what we want from our parents.

Although the MV is simple and a tad bit on the unoriginal side, I think it was actually for the best.  They are in a rookie’s level right now, so if you start off too high, especially if you want to be a hip hop group, you may run the risk of coming off as poser-ish and fake. I have thought about this with several groups before, when they go for badass/hardcore thug concepts from the very start but they’re not established properly yet. Besides, the lyrics were already kind of bold, anything too arrogant and ‘BAM! IN YO FACE, SUCKA’ could have seemed douche-baggy. It’s a good thing that JYP didn’t forget that they are an idol group, because idol groups have a certain approachable image to maintain.

The MV starts off with the boys walking out of campus, changing into their…club jackets (?) and hopping onto electric skateboards (rich kids).


They ride around the city in their fancy toys but except for JB, they don’t really seem to be having as much fun as I know I would if I had one of these contraptions (I’m jealous!).

g12After almost running over one of their classmates, one of the members drops what seems to be a shower curtain ring (but it’s probably just an earring), and enter a small accessory store. leaving their pricey electric skateboards lying outside, as if no one would ever steal your nifty things in the streets of Korea…or maybe they wouldn’t, I dunno, I’ve never been there, but you sure wouldn’t want to do that where I’m from because you’ll definitely come back to a big pile of nothing, for sure.


Being the good citizen that she is, our heroine enters the little store but there is no one inside. Coincidentally, she happens to run her fingers through the magical item that opens a portal to an underground hangout where sexy ladies mean mug the main girl, but she boldly moves past them without even asking them wtf did she just walk into (I guess it’s not some kind of exclusive club).


This girl’s in luck as it seems today, the GOT7 boys are in the mood to entertain. Everyone makes some space in the dance floor for them to perform their song Girls girls girl.


HAHA look at BamBam’s happy face and Mark doing IDK what in the back XD

I love the cool effect of the camera that keeps splitting into two. It gives it a nice one-shot effect of the members dancing and then running off to the side to goof around. At first I did think it was one-shot but the closer you look, the more it becomes obvious that the lighting and poses are totally different, along with other similar details.


BamBam’s rapping solo is pretty fun, not really because it’s particularly amazing but he genuinely looks like he’s having a good time. Maybe it’s his natural cuteness that just comes out whether he means to or not, but really, he’s adorable and I’m not sure if it’s okay to want to pinch a rapper’s cheeks so badly though Korean idol rappers often have this effect on me -_-


I’m actually really torn about the ending to this MV. Not that I found the cool acrobatic backflips disappointing but…what about the shower curtain ring? We don’t get to see if this girl returns the item she found to the rightful person, how sad. TT_TT


That better be a bottle of apple juice

After reading a post on tumblr of a fellow user commenting about GOT7 is the next 2PM, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing any important details so I listened to the whole album. 

Personally, I like hip hop/r&b and rap music. It’s really hard to appreciate this album if you’re not into this kind of music but I honestly quite enjoyed the album. There is a total of 6 tracks in GOT7’s first mini-album and every single one of those songs has a descent tune. It feels a little counter-fitted from actual crunk music but hey, this is K-Pop, right? This album is actually nicely put together and although each song is completely different from each other, they flow rather well so the songs sound very appropriate and carefully picked out for this album.

I noticed that there’s no “JYP” *whisper*. Although this iconic sound is almost never used anymore, I was kind of hoping that JYP would brand the new rookie group at least just once.

Overall, as a debut ALBUM, I think GOT7 did alright. It’s not awful and I think it’s too early to label this group negatively. I feel like this debut was purposefully nothing more than an introduction but now that the public is familiar with GOT7 and what their concept is, there is more to look forward to.

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