[K-Pop MV]: B1A4 – “Lonely”

K-pop has started the year off in turbo mode as another great comeback for this 2014 New Year, B1A4‘s “Lonely“, can be added to the list of awesome songs that have been coming out one after the other.

I really liked this song. It’s a good song. To be honest, it was not at all what I expected from B1A4, but the slow yet bouncy melody fits very well with this winter season, and the sad lyrics that are visually accurate make the MV captivating and beautiful. We can all now take this time to appreciate B1A4’s leader, Jinyoung, for composing the song and writing the lyrics to go along with it.

This has probably got to be the first time I hear Gongchan get his fair share of lines in a song(still less than everyone but this is a big improvement)!

It also has to be the first time I hear so little of Sangdeul, their main vocalist. This song has a whole lot of Jinyoung. His voice is the prominent vocals for Lonely, and he is also the main character for the MV. Baro also got a lot less rapping time in this song, but his part that starts at 2:02 in the video is my favorite part as is the catchy “Lonely lonely lonely” filler.

As stated previously, the song’s lyrics are quite sad and the MV is an almost exact portrayal of their meaning.

The MV starts with Jinyoung as he dreams about his ex-girlfriend and is levitated from his bed as he listlessly goes through his morning routine.


In another scene, we see the boys singing and dancing outside in the snowy winter in front of a gloomy apartment building.


As we move through the MV, we are given a glimpse into our Jinyoung’s wallet where a photo collage is displaying he and his girlfriend before the break-up (or possibly death).


Jinyoung is portrayed having a hard time letting go of his girlfriend. He starts to hallucinate his girlfriend. Sadly, she starts floating away. It’s obviously not the real girlfriend, but Jinyoung desperately tries to keep the imaginary girlfriend by his side. He ties a string to her wrist (as if she were a balloon), and continues to have a home date with her. This is around the time I started tearing up, y’all.


The song you always played for me
Now it’s the song that I play for you
I listen to it by myself and I feel good by myself



The rest of the MV is our Jinyoung doing activities with his balloon girlfriend such as texting and cleaning up.

In the end, our Jinyoung lets her go.

It’s not very clear if he is letting her go for the day as he heads out to bed, but it doesn’t seem like he actually forgot about her. He still peeks into his wallet when he eats and he starts to lose density and float away. I have two theories for this:

1. He started to lose himself. Since he can only think about his girlfriend all the time and stays in his home all day, reminiscing in his past memories, he eventually is completely consumed by thoughts of her that he cannot live a normal life. Instead, now he has floated away into his imaginary world with her.

2. He slowly let go of his old self who used to love her.

I like the first theory better, it fits the gloomy song/MV. It also makes the ending filler make sense:

Baby I just want to spend some time with you.

One thing’s for sure. After this MV, you will probably never forget what Jinyoung looks like.

One more thing I wanted to point out about this song. Although there’s not a HUGE amount of it, the English part in this song is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than they usually do. Although I did think they were saying “baby, I just want some special time with you”, it could have just been me who was hearing things. Good job guys! Sorry I didn’t talk much about the other members, of course they did a wonderful job and I love them. I promise I’ll try to talk more about them as a group next time I post about B1A4 but to make it up, here’s a quick gif for you:

Sources: MDL


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