[K-Pop MV]: Girl’s Day – “Something”

Starting off our girl group comebacks of 2014 with another “Something” title song, Girl’s Day has released their new MV and set the bars way-way high for the rest.

I have a confession to make: I was never a huge Girl’s Day fan. Because of their songs such as “Twinkle Twinkle” and a few others, I was cautious and a little put off by their music. Luckily, last year, my opinion of Girl’s Day completely changed. With songs such as “Expectation” and “Female President“, I have come to enjoy them, and now with “Something“, they’ve completely gained my trust and hopefully will not be regressing to their older aegyo concepts and primary school nursery rhym-ish music. I feel like I’m listening and watching a completely different group now!

The vocals for this song are very high, almost screamed out at times. It sounds awesome in the official audio but it wasn’t quite as charming during the live performance of it that I watched. If I hadn’t watched that performance first, I really wouldn’t even be mentioning it since the downloadable version sounds perfectly fine.

There were no moves in the choreography that I felt were completely original and new. I’ve seen it all before, and although I was highly impressed with how low these girls can rape the floor, I couldn’t help think of Sunmi and SISTAR while I watched them. I know I wasn’t the only one.

Go, Sojin, Go!

The charm to this comeback may be that they have never done a sexy-sexy concept, but for me, since I’m a girl and hardly attracted to another girl’s boobs, I found the song itself to be the highlight of the whole thing.

There’s no particular part that is especially catchy, the whole thing is just an inexplicable addiction, a dose of drug to your brain! I can’t even relate to the lyrics, I’ve never been cheated on, nor have I ever found myself in a scenario where I might suspect my boyfriend to be cheating on me. I don’t think I’d feel like singing about it if I did, but the chorus is pretty memorable, haunting and somehow familiar. The only rational explanation is that maybe as I watched k-dramas where someone is cheating on someone else, I may have felt more sympathetic and hurt than I realized.

Maybe you felt guilty at my guess, I caught you off guard and you’re so out of it
Your story keeps changing here and there, what’s wrong with you

When I really payed attention to the song itself, I realized this song is a real gem! The beat is very funky, so when it’s put together with the guitar and trumpets for the chorus, it feels disco and chic (no pun intended). The more I listen to it, the more I love it and become addicted to it. I once heard someone describe pop music as cranial crack music, and I couldn’t agree more. Seriously, I’m listening to it this very moment and have been jamming to it ever since I first listened to it yesterday afternoon. I can’t help it!!!

Unfortunately, I can’t really go over the details of the MV since it doesn’t really follow a story line. It’s just Girl’s Day dancing away in a few different box sets and occasional solo shots in a house.


I enjoyed the MV well-enough but I have to admit that once again, I feel like there is a lack of effort put into the originality of a girl group MV. It’s always so limited, it feels like there’s a multiple-choice checklist for boys and girls and it’s easier for the company to be satisfied with girls’ basic classics which are always acceptable but can get a little boring in these contemporary times.

Please check one or all of them:

Concept: [] Cute [] Sexy [] Thug

Box set: [] Mirrored [] Shifty [] SM Ent.’s fancy shiny box only available to SM girls

Dance: [] Hip thrust [] Floor rape [] Hair flip [] Hand swoop [] Butt dance [] Leg split [] Body roll

Costumes: [] Thug [] Coctail dress [] Prom dress [] Wedding dress [] Leotard


Well, that’s all I have for this comeback, mostly I enjoyed the song but the MV for me was ‘meh’. Not bad but also not impressive. I’m not a fan of boobs, but Hyeri in the bathtub looking a bit psycho…awesome!


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  1. […] for the MV content itself, it wasn’t very special. I’ve mentioned this in my Girl’s Day “Something“ post, but girl group MVs are most commonly very standard. We get a few dance sequences in 3-4 different […]

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