[K-Pop MV]: TVXQ – “Something”

What a way to start the New Year with TVXQ as the first K-Pop MV of 2014!!

Our TVXQ duo is back with a new song “Something” that is all too classy and catchy to match their sexy and delightful MV.



First of all, I’d like to thank SM Entertainment for getting our boys out of that dreadful shiny box and not exhausting the 360-degree camera this time. See, I knew you had it in you, SM!

I wasn’t expecting such a jazzy song, to be quite honest. When the sexy smooth intro started to play, I just thought it was the beginning intro and it would soon shift to the actual song. As the song started to pick up and move into the first verse and chorus, I could have jumped for joy. Seriously, this song is…actually good!! Not that SM doesn’t produce some catchy songs but for something this different and special to be saved for an older group is just…WOW!!

The fact that this sound and theme looks like it was inspired by the Great Gatsby, which came out early May of 2013, and saved for TVXQ’s comeback is a sure sign that there was some effort put into this comeback. Cassies all over the world can keep holding their head high and brag about TVXQ’s skills, everything from vocals to dancing was wonderful!

Before I get into fangirl mode, I’m going to take a deep breath and express my confusion with the lyrics. I get that the theme here is ‘PLAYAHHHH!!!!’, hell, Gatsby was a player too. If he’s their inspiration then it makes sense if the song is about his affairs and talking about the women that come after him all the time. However, it seems to me like they’re using something out of content here.

“She got that something, you’re not enough for me so stop baby.”

At first I thought they were trying to reject some girl’s advances, kind of like saying “I got a girl and she is the sh!t, so quit wasting your time”. This is not so. The song goes on to express the singer’s warning the girl that he can make girls cry and she’d better think twice before messing with someone like him:

“If I’m a bad guy, if I’m a guy who makes girls cry, it might be better for you to step away before you get hurt”

Well, that’s pretty considerate of him, if you ask me. I would surely like to know if the boy I’m drooling over is serious or about to play me like a fiddle.

And then more arrogant remarks:

“Though I know you’d never be able to refuse me”


HAHA but I do like how arrogant and jerkish TVXQ come off in their lyrics and even the MV. It’s fun and fits the mood well. I’m not saying Yunho and Changmin are assholes, but ‘rich player’ is their concept and I for one am loving it! With their sophisticated jazzy composition, along with such egoistical lyrics, this song is very playful and fun. I don’t think it’s something to be taken seriously or offensive.

As for the choreography, I watched this video a handful of times specifically to take a look at their dancing and their moves. Without a doubt, Yunho takes the cake, but if I recall correctly, he’s one of the top idol dancers, anyway. So when I saw how on-point he moves, I was just kind of nodding my head like ‘of course, as expected’.

So…..ready for some pictures? XD

The MV starts off with a relaxing and sexy intro. As TVXQ walks into a hall where white ladies pose behind a shimmering…..display?


Their intro continues as TVXQ walk into a ballroom through opposite sides and magical vintage microphones appear out of thin air. I’m going to point out the priceless look on Changmin’s face. Yunho acknowledges his mic with a ‘not surprised’ expression, while Changmin just developed a life-long grudge against his.


As TVXQ take hold of their mics, they begin to glow and I can see their ‘tattoos’ are too obviously painted on.


Yunho and Changmin change their minds about the shiny mics and they softly whisper the beginning of their wonderful song’s chorus “She got that something”.



They conduct a unique bass pop-dance that seems as if Changmin would be in charge of string-pressing while Yunho is the string-plucker.


Yunho starts the first verse off with a handful of beautiful women surrounding him. As he skillfully plays with some of them individually, our maknae Changmin goes all out and boldly enjoys the company of ALL his posse.


Their chorus is danced in the brightly-lit ballroom where they are joined by their back-up dancers that are dressed in old-school party clothes and bowler hats that really help boost the jazzy-scene atmosphere.


The long strings that were first used as bass strings are then used to create a boxing ring-like space for their second verse. My theory is that the glowing magical strings are part of the mic’s chord that they sing with. I’m not sure if this is true or not but I’d like to believe that even that small detail was thought out as significant like this.



There’s a few scenes where the boys are singing the chorus where they’re surrounded by the flying musical instruments. I wan’t a huge fan of these scenes, I think they were doing a great job by singing/dancing in their ballroom/street sets. It’s not that big of a deal, but it just looked a little cheesy to me.


It kind of reminds me of a scene from Spy Kids where the Floop guy is trying to film an MV for his show and there’s all sorts of weird things flying around him.

My favorite part of the MV is when Yunho is being ‘manipulated’ by the giant strings (mic chord). The reason I love this is because it’s really well done. Yunho’s a good dancer and the way he moves with the strings isn’t perfectly puppet-like, but it feels symbolic as if he’s tied down but he’s the one moving the strings and not the other way around. He only moves along when he wants to, but when he must, he takes control and everyone’s forced to move along with him.



The boys dance in a giant magical box (not their usual shiny box) where everything feels really boxed in. Yunho’s dances with his clones, while Changmin is able to produce his back-up dancers from himself. It’s pretty cool to watch and the icicle-like light effects were intriguing to me for some reason. I was like a fly to a light zapper.


The final part is just the boys walking back into the hall and being pulled into the shimmering display with the ladies we saw in the intro. I’m not really sure what this means, maybe that they were the ones being caught by the women in the end? They look perfectly content, however, so I don’t think it was them being caught but TVXQ letting themselves get caught.


The MV is fun and eventful. I noticed how Changmin is so boyish in this MV. Usually, he seems to be equal to Yunho, but it’s nice to see him living up to his maknae position. I noticed this in the way he was dressed and his discreet aegyo. While Yunho was always acting like a sugar daddy and dressed like a stud, Changmin had on some cute boyish shorts, school-boy hair do and showing a devious little smile. It was really adorable.



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