[K-Pop MV]: Junhyung – “Flower”

Singer-songwriter-composer-producer Junhyung of CUBE Entertainment‘s idol group B2ST has been working hard on his solo debut album Flower, and what a lovely surprise it is!

I’ve always thought that Junhyung should sing more, he’s actually quite good. However, I’m glad this year was Junhyung’s year to shine, with not just B2ST’s comebacks, but his lead role in Monstar and now his own solo debut, Junhyung has shed away his ‘idol rapper’ position and transformed into an actual music artist.

The song is really nice. Smooth and steady with a mellow-gloomy feel. Junhyung was able to take the trumpets out of the attic and put them too good use in his song Flower. I feel very cool listening to this song, it’s very R&B with soft rap which fits Junhyung very well.

I can’t help thinking that the lyrics are about his break-up with his ex-girlfriend, Goo Hara. Despite them being a break-up song, the lyrics are very sweet as he wishes his partner to do well and shows no ill feelings.

Although you left without even saying goodbye baby
I sincerely hope that you’ll be happy wherever you are baby

With this as his concept, he’s very descriptive and poetic. I really loved reading his lyrics, they’re simple but very meaningful and heartbreaking.

Now even your scent grows faint, now even your warmth gets cold
Baby, for the last time, can’t I be held in your arms just once?
The flower withers like this and I wither as well

I really excited at how creative K-Pop is becoming. I’ve noticed idols becoming legit artists as they write their own music and express their creativity. The song is very lovely,but in K-Pop, the MV is just as important because visual is a big deal.

The MV is kind of creepy but symbolic and artistic. We have Junhyung being dragged in his coffin by to a construction site as he softly raps to himself.

j4 j7

We have a scene of a woman that is holding Junhyung’s head in a bouquet of flowers. It’s really creepy but also very interesting. She is shot and an explosion of rose petals bursts from her wounds.

j8 j11 j13 j15

The scenes keep shifting around – first Junhyung is alone in a desserted location when he comes out of his coffin, but then the scenario changes to him singing, dancing and finally, Junhyung on top of a car with some musical friends. Junhyung reaches a construction site where he and his buddies dance like it’s the most appropriate thing to do when you’re in front of heavy equipment.




The music video is pretty cool, there’s a lot of symbolism. I just want to highlight how lovely and poetic the lyrics are, once again. I really love the composition and the whole mini album is just wonderful!

You can listen to the whole thing in one go, if you like R&B/hip hop/rap, I recommend give it a try:

Sources: MDL, Popga


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