[K-Pop Korner]: Coffee

Do you want to know what one of my favorite things in the world is? Coffee.

I can’t get enough of that hot, palpable fragrance to your nose that you can taste it before you even touch your mug to your lips and drink in that thick, milky fluid.

Coffee isn’t just a drink, but a hobby. Refining a cup of cappuccino to your liking is an art and there’s a possibility that only you are the creator of the perfect cup of coffee that meets your taste.

There’s so many flavors of coffee to try. It’s an adventure in its own just looking and trying out different kinds that come from all around the world.

With coffee as my muse, I’ve discovered that K-Pop has some pretty good songs dedicated to this delicious, comforting drink. If you like coffee, and if you like K-Pop, let’s share a cup and listen to my top 5 favorite songs about this subject.

1. B.A.P – “Coffee Shop”

I was in California this past summer when this MV was filmed and released. I even went to some of the places that are featured, but I didn’t get to run into B.A.P (I didn’t even know we were there at the same time). I’m not at all disappointed, however, because this is actually one of my favorite songs of the year. The group got a little bit of negative reactions from their fans, since everyone expects them to stick to their aggressive image, but if we can just sit down with a cup of coffee as we listen to this song, it’s truly a marvelous piece that shows off the members’ skills as vocalists and rappers.

2. Big Bang – “Cafe”

You really can’t go wrong in starting a song off with T.O.P‘s smooth rapping skills. You’d think hearing three grown men singing a high-pitch chorus would get annoying, but this is not the case for this song.

3. Yoseob – “Caffeine”

Beautiful song, beautiful video. I loved seeing his equipment and preparing his cup of coffee in the beginning of the video. The dancing and whole atmosphere is so cool and appropriate for this song. I got used to grammar error in Korean songs, but just like anyone else, I did cringe at the chorus line ‘You’re bad to me, so bad to me, oh girl you’re like a caffeine’. For the sake of perfection, I wish that small but consequential mistake would have been discovered. Anyways, this is a great song and solo debut for Yoseob and I’m still in love with it.

4. Urban Zakapa – “Coffee/Cafe Latte”

I don’t even know what to call this song, there’s so many versions of it and I’ve heard it delivered in a few different ways. I love this song so much, I’ve even listen to rookie group BTS’ version, which is actually extremely good, especially if you like soft rap remixes.

5. Clazziquai Project – “Love Recipe”

You don’t even have to be a K-Pop lover to really appreciate this song. Clazziquai’s style is very refreshing, although they’ve actually been in the industry for a while and even sang one of my favorite OST songs from My Lovely Kim Sam Soon. You can actually sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with various Clazziquai songs because they have a lot of chill music, but this one is specifically coffee themed.

Sources: MDL

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