[K-Pop MV]: FT Island – Madly

I tend to put FT Island in a different category as other idol groups. Along with CN Blue and LED Apple, FT Island is an idol band where the members play their own instruments, rock out, and still look like characters out of teenage novels that you would never run into in real life. You wouldn’t expect such humans to exist because if God created such a perfect being, what does he make of the rest of us mere mortals?

Please bear with me and my depressive aura; I’ve been watching a lot of melodramas lately.

The sound is very different from how their older music used to be. Although I do miss their old style, I think FT Island has become very mature. This song is so beautiful. The violins and soft piano are so soothing, while the climatical guitar shift is so smooth and deep.


Of course, this song wouldn’t be complete without our Hong Ki‘s astounding vocals. There’s never a doubt in my mind when I listen to his voice that this guy has one of the most distinctive and unique vocals. I’m not sure how he doesn’t crack on those high notes, but he pulls it off every time! I’m not even saying it because it’s a prerecorded MV. Watching him sing live only amplifies the magic his voice transmits! This emotional ballad is more proof that he’s just raw talent.

The lyrics to this MV are very simple. The gist of the song is about missing your lover. This subject seems to be a recurrent trend in this gloomy fall season.

As for the MV, there’s such a lovely quality to it. The film keeps getting blurry as the camera moves around, never seeming to steady itself. However, there’s always a sharp focus that makes the MV so artistic and symbolic in even its production style.


The MV is supposed to express a lonely space that may be extensive and wide, yet empty and depressing. As our lead character of the MV, Choi Jong Hoon (FT Island’s leader and guitarist) walks in a suffocatingly solitary field.


There’s a road that he is following, but we’re not quite sure where it leads. It seems to go on forever in that empty land.


As the band plays and there is a lot of focus on our Hong Ki, we get glimpses of Jong Hoon walking through an equally lonely tunnel.


As he becomes frustrated, he begins to sprint out of the tunnel and into the fields again.

f16 f14

The lyrics finally confesses that the person loves the other, and as Jong Hoon reaches a stop, there are hands and eyes of who I’m assuming is his lover. It’s not quite clear if this is a memory, wish or concrete event, but since the MV is not necessarily pragmatic, I think it could symbolically be any of those choices, based on one’s perspective.

Woah! Her hands look so tiny on his face! *CUTE*

Woah! Her hands look so tiny on his face! *CUTE*


This is my first time seeing Lee Hong Ki as a blondy since his Jeremy days in You’re Beautiful. It’s so endearing and feels like an old friend just came back to say hello, but he is grown up and a lot more mature from how you remember him to be.

"JOLIE!" <3

“JOLIE!” ❤

I wouldn’t mind if he stays a blond forever!

Sources: MDL


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