[K-Drama Korner]: Dramaland’s Fashion Terrorists

As you may have noticed, Dramaland has its fair share of fashionistas. Those characters that are always wearing fabulous clothing that you feel the need to take screenshot of practically every outfit they wear so that your awful fashion sense can have a reference the next time you visit the department store.

Unfortunately, just as there are fashionistas, there are also fashion terrorists. I don’t know about you, but there have been times when I watch a drama and cringe at the outrageously shameful choice of clothing for a character. I’m highly aware that outfits the characters wear are chosen for them by the drama stylists, but I really want to sit down with some of these people for just a moment. I would look straight into their eyes and courteously inquire: “what the heck were you thinking, letting this actor film in such atrocity?”

Whether it’s to make a distinctive statement for the character, or the stylist’s strange put together of a limited wardrobe, I present to you some of the worst fashion terrorists in Dramaland (in no particular order).

1. Kim TanHeirs


My inspiration for this post. What….what is this fashion statement, I don’t even….

A handsome Lee Min Ho is the only reason I didn’t go blind watching this drama’s strange sweater choices for Kim Tan.

2. Lee Young Jae Full House


It’s pretty ironic that the ruined outfit of Young Jae(Rain) in his first encounter with Han Ji Eun(Song Hye Kyo)in the airplane is so nauseating and hardly worth the effort of trying to salvage. I’m sorry Rain, you’re hot, but that shirt looks like the stylist threw up all over it TT_TT

Although he’s got some other cringe-worthy outfits in the series, I think that one was his worst.

3. Lee Mong Ryong/Sung Choon Hyang – Delightful Girl, Choon Hyang


One of my first dramas. I still remember how exciting and new dramas were to me when I first watched this. I was so enchanted with this new world of entertainment, but as an unaccustomed outsider, I was quick to judge little details. Such details included the wardrobe choices for the OTP of Delightful Girl.

This drama came out in 2005 so I want to give it the excuse of those color-crazy outfits being acceptable due to its time era. I was still in middle school at that time so I don’t remember what kind of outfits teenagers wore. I’m not sure if the trendy thing was to wear every color of the rainbow at the same time, but it feels like Crayola was sponsoring this drama.

4. Geum Jan DiBoys Over Flowers


Just because you’re poor doesn’t mean you’re blind and tasteless. For Geum Jan Di’s wardrobe, it’s not that there was a specific style that the character was constantly portraying, but the pieces she wore were either bad combinations or just horrible choices. Despite her being poor and tasteless, the only clothes she ever wore more than once was her school uniform. Hmmmm, suspicious.

5. Cha Do HwiFlower Boy Next Door

I see no difference.

I see no difference.

Not just her personality but even the wardrobe for Park Soo Jin‘s character was obnoxious. It was really hard to take her seriously because of the bad combination so I’m not surprised that Oh Jin Rak didn’t fall for her.


6. HotaruHotaru no Hikari

LOL! I love her!!!

Although I usually write about Korean dramas in this blog, I HAVE watched drama from other countries. Japanese dramas are very well-made. Hotaru is such a good sport. Always working hard in anything that she does, she’ll even put herself in awkward situations in order to produce successful results. She’s a fashion terrorists, but a lovable one at that. (Let’s not forget her usual messy attire that’s part of her ‘swith-girl’ personality).


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