[K-Pop MV]: Pro C – Bad Memory

 Pro C (Problem Children) is J.Tune Camp‘s new rapper sub-unit of the boy group that is scheduled to be debuting sometimes in early 2014 that consists of members Moos and Buffy.

There’s not much to say about the MV content, you don’t even get to see the members’ faces; the whole video is very simple. The only things that goes on is the members’ shadow-swaying to K-Will‘s vocal part of the song, and emphasis on lip-glossed puckers on the rapping bit. I don’t think the video was for the members’ to show off their looks, but for the audience to hear their skills before the official debut. There’s some people complaining about not getting to see their faces, but I think this was a pretty good idea. We already know they’re freaking gorgeous(it IS a K-Pop idol group, after all), and it’s not like we don’t have enough pretty K-Pop boys to fangirl over while we wait for this one to be revealed, so making a song for the listener to appreciate is alright with me.

The song is very lovely. It’s so relaxing and smooth, but the reason I loved the song was because of the vocals of K-Will. I’m not being bias or anything, I didn’t even know it was him singing the R&B part of the song. I did think ‘woah! this guy sounds like K-Will!’ because I’m pretty familiar with K-Will‘s voice, but it was a surprise when I actually found out it WAS him (which was a few seconds later, but you still gotta admit, it’s still shocking a bit).

The lyrics are kind of cute, but very sad. A breakup song about a relationship with an overly-affectionate boy, and a creeped-out girl.

I guess my over affection became obsession to you
My efforts to become one with you became selfishness

Coming from a handsome boy this seems kind of adorable and pitiful, but any normal girl would start to feel uncomfortable if her boyfriend is controlling and obsessive.

Memories of loving you, good memories
How can I erase you? Although you left me
Memories of you loving me, they are bad memories to you
I guess that’s why it hurts

I’m looking forward to J.Tune‘s new boy group(and hopefully a Two X comeback), and seeing this small sneak-peak has already established a sense of familiarity with the group for some of us.


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