[K-Pop MV]: VIXX – Voodoo Doll

I’m really excited about VIXX‘s latest comeback. After watching their teaser images and video, I was really looking forward to watching Voodoo Doll on the day of its release. Unfortunately, school hit me like a ton of bricks this week, but I am now finally home from school, watching K-Dramas/K-Pop MV’s (my definition of a good time).


Even though I’ve watched VIXX’s MTV Diaries, and I think the boys are among the cutest things ever, their darker concepts like On and On, Hyde, and now Voodoo Doll, fit their image the best.

The MV for Voodoo Doll is the most graphic K-Pop MV I have ever watched!! The reason I had to replay it a few times wasn’t because I wanted to stare at N and Leo a little longer, but all the weird stuff going on left my mouth hanging open. I’m very impressed and in awe at how bold and confident these boys are, and although I’m aware that they are probably not the ones that come up with these concepts, the originality and feeling of ‘this is a VIXX song/mv’ makes me happy beyond words. I think they’ve found their element as the creepy/dark idol group in Korea(or at least, I’m hoping they will wear the crap out of this concept).

Now that I’ve expressed my satisfaction with the concept, I’ll move on to the actual song/mv, because I’m afraid I may start ranting about things that are completely irrelevant.

Personally, I am not at all squeamish. My favorite anatomy & physiology units were the ones we got to talk about the heart, blood, veins/arteries, and the lymphatic system.

Cornea ---> aqueous humor ---> pupil ---> lens ---> vitreous humor ---> cones/rods ---> retina

Cornea —> aqueous humor —> pupil —> lens —> vitreous humor —> cones/rods —> retina

On labs where we get to dissect organs, whole animals or human limbs, I am always the one doing the hacking (I tend to have great luck, as it seems all of my lab partners I’ve ever had prefer not to get their hands dirty). Along with this, I’m also intrigued by the body’s organs and their functions, so instead of reading into their props as disgusting and gory, I look at it as beautiful and biological.

The video portrays the boys being ‘created’ by this girl who happens to give off a very familiar puppeteer vibe like the lady from TVXQ‘s Mirrotic, who plays with the boys for her own amusement. VIXX are her monsters, and she is keeping them locked up in the worst possible conditions.


The girl is, of course, a beauty, but you know what they say: the prettier they are the crazier they’ll be. She literally toys with the boys like they are nothing more than her dolls and have no feelings.



She keeps them for no other purpose, other than to hurt and torture these beautiful boys.


Although in the video, the boys try to run away, the lyrics express something completely different. They WANT to be used by this girl. In the song, they comfort and reassure her that they will do all they can to make this girl happy, even if they are not what she longs for. It’s like they’re begging this girl to hurt them. Sadistic and sexy!

If I can’t have you,
I will just live for you
If it’s you, I’m ready to
get hurt as much as I can

It makes me wish that the video would have portrayed the lyrics exact, instead of having them attempt to escape, but still a good video. I guess they went with Ravi‘s ‘Should I go, should I stay?’ confessions of insecurity.


The dancing was also very cool. I was so in love with it from the moment that they tossed Ken over Ravi‘s head.


The choreography is very simple, but it goes really well with the song. They ARE voodoo dolls, after all, which means they are not the ones in control.


Their fate is in the hands of a giant pin needle.

Scary stuff, right there.

Scary stuff, right there.

And then they give it to Ravi, who thinks it’s a microphone.

Yo, Ravi, that thing is for Creepy Lady to poke your guts with.

Yo, Ravi, that thing is for Creepy Lady to poke your eye with.

As for the song’s composition, I really like the sound of it. I was almost expecting it to be some kind of rockish song with head banging and kicking trash bins, but thank goodness this was not the case(if you put mute in this song, it sure does appear like that would be the kind of music they’re dancing/singing too LOL). It was, to my unexhausted relief, just a K-Pop song. It’s hard to describe what a K-Pop sound is, and what is not. The only way to recognize that hint of familiarity is simply listen to it and never forget the classics and older groups/songs. I really appreciate this kind of sound coming from rookie groups(or any group). Not that I think myself so arrogant to believe that K-Pop shouldn’t sound like western music, but I think we’re all pretty tired of dubstep by now.

Okay, now that I talked about the MV, and its contents, I think it’s acceptable for me to take a fan girl minute, right?

Can we just take a moment to admire these beautiful lips of Ken? I couldn’t possibly have been the only one that was totally entranced by his mouth. I may actually never recover from my exposure to them this time.

Those lips are so beautiful that it actually hurts >///<

Those lips are so beautiful that it actually hurts >///<



The intensity of N’s eyes


Tattooed Ravi solving math problems in his spare time.

"Math city b!tch, math math city b!tch, 10 10 10 + 20 = 50, b!tch"

“Math city b!tch, math math city b!tch, 10 10 10 + 20 = 50, b!tch”

And finally, Hongbin sitting in that chair, looking as seductive as ever. Oh how I wish I was Creepy Lady for just one moment -_-

Come on Hongbin, smile and show us your dimples! >///<

Come on Hongbin, smile and show us your dimples! >///<


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