[K-Pop Korner]: Creepy K-Pop MVs

Today is October 31st!

In America (and other countries), that means today is Halloween!! A day for dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating for goodies, and scary activities.

For me, however, I have to spend it cramming my head for a test =_=

It’s not the ideal thing to do at ANY time, but I took a break for K-Pop .

Without further ado, I give you my top 10 creepy K-Pop videos for Halloween.

1. BTOBThriller

Okay, okay. I have a confession to make. I couldn’t care less that today is Halloween -_- BTOB’s Thriller is the primary reason that I chose to do this post *guilty*. It’s not even that it’s the best damn thing I’ve ever watched, but my recent K-Pop obsession is BTOB! This isn’t a traditional list where I choose the scariest MVs I’ve ever watched  because honestly, I’ve never sat there, scared out of my wits, watching a K-Pop MV.

The lyrics are pretty cool, it’s not your typical love-confession song, but a poetic description of a character’s thoughts as he battles his fears in pursue of a kidnapped princess that has been taken by monsters. Unlike many lyrics that I’ve heard from the pop genre, I have to admit, this is impressive.

The breathing stopped,
Suppressing my excitement
The full moon shines in the dark with me unconditionally
You cannot be taken away never ever ever

Everything fits together nicely: the lyrics, the eerie composition of the song, the costumes, the creepy MV content, and even the dance itself is cool, with monster-like gestures, and beastly poses.


2. Sunny HillPray

With Janghyun‘s recent discharged earlier this week, I can’t help but be in a Sunny Hill mood. Made up of 5 members (4 girls, 1 boy), Sunny Hill is a rare group in the K-Pop kingdom because of its co-ed members.

Although in Pray, neither Janghyun or Misung get a chance to sing, this song is very nice and relaxing. The MV and the lyrics are completely irrelevant to each other, though. The song itself is about someone’s misery after a break-up, so yeah – obviously doesn’t have anything to do with a gentle, but deformed monster. As for the MV, it’s a bit hard to watch. At first I thought it was silly, but not even 2 seconds after I thought this, I became engrossed and disgusted with the cruelty of the situation. I’m almost certain that the video was supposed to be based on The Elephant Man.


3. G-DragonCoup D’Etat

Oh GD, you are simply amazing.

Proof that you can have a wrecking ball in your video without having to ride naked over it, this video is a work of art! As we are given a rare opportunity to glimpse inside our Jiyong‘s head, we find out that there are dark thoughts and personal battles that he’s had to overcome. Even things we take for granted are symbolic in his MV! For example, the red ladies that represent the glamorous women in GD‘s life. But what is this? their eyes are covered! They don’t know the real Jiyong – they are blind to his true self.

GD, you’re a genius and you know it! But of course, this is the ‘Creepy K-Pop’ post, so it’s not like I’m ignoring the fact that this video gives me the creepies!


4. G-DragonShe’s Gone

I really don’t think it’s necessary for me to describe why this video is creepy to me. I think any sane person would find it really frightening if they were being chased by a psycho stalker. Not a lot of things scare me. I can’t think of a time when I had a nightmare, never slept with the light on, and I’m not afraid of monsters/ghosts/etc….. However, people…now people I’m afraid of. There’s too many sickos in this world, and for a petite/weak girl like me, other folks are scarier than things I’ve never seen with my own eyes.

The song is really catchy, but the MV is really short-lived. As for the dead girl, all I have to say is, if I was running away from a coo-coo clock, I would have ripped that frilly dress to shreds and ran like a bat out of hell without ever looking back.


5. Lee Jung HyunWa

Our Korean Techno Queen. I developed a girl-crush on Lee Jung Hyun the same way most foreign fans find out about her. Yep, I’m talking about Jo Kwon and Heechul‘s hilarious parody dance to her song Wa. I looked it up afterwards because the beat was good, but I discovered a side of K-Pop I never realized existed! Some people might quickly assume that it has a similar feel to Lady Gaga‘s style, but I should point out that this song came out in 1999.


6. Big BangMonster

It seems like I’m filling this list with a whole lot of G-Dragon. Yes, I’m a big fan, but I promise I’m not doing this on purpose.

It’s pretty evident that I highly value what is being said in K-Pop songs, and this one is a real tearjerker. It’s about a man that has come back to see the person he loves, but is treated like a monster because of something bad that he did. He tries to reason with his lover by reminding her that she knows who he truly is, but now, she too sees him like a monster.

The people of the world have turned their backs against me
The corners of their eyes are all twisted up
The greatest pain to me,
Is the fact that you became the same as them

I love you baby I’m not a monster
You know how I was in the past
When time passes, it’ll all disappear
Then you will know baby

Even though there is a lot going on in the MV, the best way I can summarize it is our Big Bang monsters are running away from their captors and doing a whole lot of sexy posing.


7. JaejoongMine

Yeah K-Rock! Honestly, that’s the category I would put this song in, though technically, Jaejoong is a K-Pop idol. After TVXQ disbanded, I think JYJ crossed over to a space where they can do whatever they want and it will be perfectly acceptable. This also includes the fact that the media’s been trying to catch them in scandals and controversies, but their fans are just like: ‘yeah, we know, so?’. I think this is a very powerful influence they have over us. If the rumors are true and C-JeS joins YG, then they’ll be completely UNTOUCHABLE!

Oops, I got off topic.

There are many elements in this MV that I feel are very powerful statements, such as Jaejoong breaking away from the chains, running headstrong against the crows that fly in the same direction, and the diamond mask/blurry face.I like the effects of the camera that keeps getting out of focus whenever it gets closer to Jaejoong, making it a bit difficult to have a very clear shot of him. 

Don’t come here this is my ocean
I am afraid that this place will be tainted as well
It is my ocean This is my ocean
Don’t try to block the sun that shines on me

BAM!! Take that downers(you know who you are), Jaejoong isn’t having none of your crap.

His vocals are also very interesting, it may have been influenced by Japanese rock bands, perhaps? I know he’s good friends with a lot of Japanese musicians, but I’ve heard this style of singing in J-Rock a few times.

Very symbolic and nicely done, I feel chills just watching this MV. His lyrics are repetitive, but everything about this video is awesome!

Usually I feel that the cliche ‘wings appearing on an idol’ in K-Pop videos are very cheesy and stupid, but this time I didn’t feel that at all! It meshed well with what Jaejoong was trying to convey, and for that I really appreciate every single moment of it.

This is another video that I wish I could go over more in detail because I feel there’s a lot more to be said.


8. MFBTYSweet Dream

I found this MV like most others in the comment section of the video have stated: Eat Your Kimchi!! This isn’t the first time they help me find good music, so for that I’m grateful.

Well, I just recently watched this MV a few weeks back because of the EYK video, so I’m still a little frustrated that I didn’t know about this sooner.

It’s kind of funny how horribly underrated and unappreciated this song is because we all know TJ Tiger, spouse Yoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy…so why didn’t we know about this project? Or is it just me? Because judging from the views, I’m not alone on this.

The MV is really creepy(well, duh). The MV is so weird that I have no words to describe it. Just watch it, What is this? I can’t even….

The chorus with Yoon Mi Rae is very lovely and soft, but once the rap section breaks in, a comical atmosphere takes over. As for the lyrics…actually, I was really confused because they have absolutely nothing to do with the MV. That wasn’t the problem, though…I mean they just sound like a bunch of written gibberish. Well, that is until you actually start to decipher the ‘code’. My mind may be too slow to have comprehended it perfectly, but I went back and it seems like the lyrics are describing a dream-like love that someone might fall into after finding someone you’re attractive to, and over-coming love issues…. I may be wrong, really, the lyrics are confusing!

Here, you can try to make sense of it, I quit: http://www.kpoplyrics.net/mfbty-sweet-dream-lyrics-english-romanized.html

9. Brown Eyed GirlsCleansing Cream

This is creepy in a realistic kind of way. The video is powerful in itself, very chilling, and the lyrics at first seem pretty ‘meh’, but there are many ways you can interpret them. I think this is my favorite song of theirs, but this is actually my first time watching the MV for it.


10. VixxHyde

I know Vixx was one of the rookie groups that debuted in that 2012 newbie madness, but this is another K-Pop group that deserves more attention.

This song is inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It depicts the remorseful VIXX boyfriends as they try to explain an out-of-character behavior from a previous date. By revealing that there is another person inside of their body, VIXX indirectly plea for sympathy but at the same time the ‘Hyde’ inside their body expresses a more honest, though hostile, side of them.

Don’t leave (leave me)
I love you (no I hate you)
I am both Jekyll and Hyde, don’t run away from me

In the MV, we see the VIXX boys constantly switch between the Jekyll (white outfits) and Hyde (black outfits). While their violent Hyde personality tries to harm the girl, their caring Jekyll personality fights against Hyde in order to protect her. Unfortunately, they keep losing control and eventually give into the bad side of themselves as they become dark-winged demons.

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