[K-Pop MV]: Trouble Maker – There Is No Tomorrow (Now)

Trouble Maker is back, and they are hotter than ever!

4Minute‘s HyunA and BEAST‘s Hyunseung have been teasing us with their sexy pictures these past two weeks, giving the viewers a small taste of what to expect for their sub-unit’s new album release: Chemistry. After announcing their return as the mischievous duo Trouble Maker, fans have been patiently waiting for today’s new MV release of There Is No Tomorrow (Now).

You can’t google ‘K-Pop+sexy’ without HyunA popping up among your top search options. You also can’t casually whistle a tune, without eventually attempting to recreate HyunA and Hyunseng‘s successful collaboration of their self-titled song Trouble Maker from 2011 (unless you’ve never heard it, which in that case, you’re sure missing out).

Although many netizens have a problem with how far Trouble Maker takes their concept, I don’t think they would have chosen that name for their sub-unit if they weren’t planning to cause a commotion in the K-Pop world. The company knew what they were doing.

Because it’s what most of us were looking forward to, I want to start with a brief description of the MV. Maybe to some, it makes no sense that K-Pop MVs get so much attention for their content, but it’s very important to fans that the idols get a proper video that will captivate the audience, and have us squealing with delight. Why do you think we’ve been shooting hate darts at SM for that damn shiny box and 360 degree matrix camera? It was cool the first time SM, but geez, give it a rest!

After getting fired from their spy jobs, HyunA and Hyunseung‘s video portrays them as living trashy lives(haha no, the spy part is my opinion, I doubt it’s the continuation of their first Trouble Maker MV). While HyunA parties and drinks all night, Hyunseung wakes up to two prostitutes in his arms.

My cutie Hyunseung NUUUUUU TT_TT

My cutie Hyunseung NUUUUUU TT_TT

They are unhappy and unsatisfied with their lives, and their dysfunctional relationship is suffering. Although the video does not show them being criminals, I get the feeling that HyunA and Hyunseung are playing the part of Bonnie and Clyde as Hyunseung wakes up to a bed full of cash and a gun over his crotch…it’s just a feeling, he COULD just be a thug.

As they make out, we see a flashback of their previous argument as she cash-slaps the crap out of Hyunseung.


And a scene of Hyunseung having a questionable episode in the bathroom.

Although they seem to be miserable and their lives are in shambles now, we do get a glimpse of a time when HyunA and Hyungseung were happy. No I’m not talking about sex in the car.


But an actual time when they were carefree and a normal couple.


I may be the only person in the whole entire K-Pop Kingdom that thinks so, but I don’t really see much chemistry between the two. The ‘closeness’ that they portray seems to be all thanks to the clever editing of the production team, and Hyungseung seems to not be as ‘into’ HyunA, as much as she is into him (this could be because HyunA knows sexy, so it could be a man or a duck pillow, she’d still be doing her thing). If you pay attention, Hyungseung‘s kissing is a bit sloppy. He’s a shy cutie, so it could just be his real personality and his character not meshing too well.

Anyways, to me, HyunA/Hyungseung seem to be more like partners than lovers.

My favorite part of the MV is the last bit, where they are singing/dancing to the chorus, circulated by two NASCAR automobiles. I guess whoever was coming after them finally caught up, and they get ready to meet their maker by performing their dance boldly and just as sexy as the ally scene.

This one

The alley scene….

I guess the thugs inside these cars were the reason they were ‘running out of time’.

In this maze
we are in together
Only you that I can trust
Close your eyes, trust me,
there’s no tomorrow again





I don’t know what it is about car scenes, but you really can’t go wrong ^^ especially when the cars themselves are moving around like a sexy car dance to match the mood.

As for the song composition, the first time I heard it I thought ‘meh’, but I know better. I think my brain usually puts things in this kind of category because it can’t focus on two things at once (MV content/music) so one is going to win over the other. This time, the MV was what caught my attention first, but after replaying the song itself, I liked it a lot! The meaning doesn’t go too deep, but this is pop music, so I don’t expect it to. The song is very catchy, and something that I would feel cool listening to in my car as a casual tune.

I think we all noticed and appreciated that HyunA actually had more lines this time. Her vocals are not bad, but her dancing is amazing! Also, in the MV, there’s not a WHOLE lot of dancing emphasis, but I bet the live performance is going to be amazing because I have confidence in her dancing skills.

As for Hyunseung, he nailed the singing and his dancing was also very good (and a lot of posing for the camera, don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here wiping the drool off my keyboard). He’s such an odd duck, so I can’t help being proud of him for performing a sexy concept with HyunA. I can really see a HUGE difference between his awkward skinship in ‘Trouble Maker‘ and ‘There’s No Tomorrow‘.


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