[K-Pop MV]: K.Will – You Don’t Know Love

Although I had heard one or two of his ballads in the past, I was officially introduced to K.Will‘s music after watching his impacting MV, Please Don’t around this same time, last year. His smooth and controlled vocals were so perfectly suitable for emotional ballad songs that he immediately became one of my favorite Korean singers.

Featuring the talented acting of EXO‘s Chanyeol and model Lee Ho Jung, this new MV is dripping in cuteness!

I feel the need to mention that K.Will is not featured in this MV, and to those who may not know this, he does not usually appear in his own MVs. I can actually only think of one time when he was briefly featured in his own video, Love Blossom, only he was dead.

Yay, finally, he....oh.... -_-

Yay, finally, he….oh…. -_-

Apparently, K.Will‘s company doesn’t think he’s very attractive, so he hires better-looking people to star in his MVs. As we can see, this logic is completely ridiculous and whoever thought K.Will was ugly is obviously blind.

But anyways, this MV space was for his more recent comeback You Don’t Know Love, so I’ll focus on that instead.

The vocals in this song are not lacking one bit. The man was born to sing! The feel of his voice just makes a girl want to cry, and the funny thing is that he could be singing about fried chicken, for all I know.

Of course, I did do some research to find out exactly what he’s singing about, and I found out that….well the lyrics aren’t QUITE as cute as the MV and the sweetness that translates from his voice may suggest.

“You don’t know love, you only know yourself, stop with the childish whining
You still don’t know love, you only know yourself, do I have to say it for you to know?”

I think the message of the lyrics is very sincere. Every relationship comes with its issues, and disagreements are to be expected. There are things some of us might not like about the other, and although I think, yes, the lyrics and the message of the song is blunt and a bit harsh, some things have to be expressed and taken out of our chest for there to be healing.

This is neither a love song, nor is it a break up song. It’s more like an argument song. Something that would be nice to listen to when you need background music to cry to after you and your lover had a serious disagreement. K.Will‘s song is a confession to a lover about how frustrating the other’s selfishness can be.

I was looking for some kind of apology, like ‘I’m sorry that I hurt you’, but surprisingly, there is none. It’s a fight song to the end. In fact, K.Will begs his lover to let him off the hook for once, what a guy XD shameless and stubborn.

I made you cry without even knowing, I know
Why are you being so old-fashioned? Those words just burst out before I knew it
What do I do, please let me go this once

But no doubt, it’s because I myself am very prideful and stubborn that I found this song so amusing.

As for the MV, it’s obvious that at first, it’s Lee Ho Jung who is a bigger emotional wreck.

Waking up to a neglected bedroom

Waking up to a neglected bedroom

So tidy!

So tidy!

After waking up to a new day, Lee Ho Jung resolves to pick herself back up and get s*** done.

New resolve

New resolve

In contrast, a listless Chanyeol doesn’t seem to be coping so well.


Have you ever heard the saying: ‘Girls fall fast, but boys fall harder?’ in reference to love? I think this video is a perfect portrayal of it. After a disagreement, Lee Ho Jung is so quick to call it quits with Chanyeol. 


Both seem to be fond of their happy memories, but since they are now no longer a couple, they simultaneously decide to start fresh and get rid of things that remind them of the other. They must have gone ‘couple’ box-shopping together.



As Chanyeol heads for the woods, he is looking for a special tree. Personally, I’m more interested in the fact that he’s sporting an umbrella on such a nice day. I can’t even say it’s for sun protection because the parasol is completely transparent.

Wait a minute...wasn't that box green?

“It’s just me and you against the world, box”

When he finds the ‘break-up’ tree, Chanyeol immediately searches for the ring he threw away, and as he finds it TA-DAH Lee Ho Jung appears with HER box.


This story has a happy ending, Chanyeol and Lee Ho Jung make-up and all is well with the world again.


See, I told you, the video is cuteness! If you haven’t already, I suggest you watch it, not just because Chanyeol is in it, and he’s like  your ultimate bias, or whatever. The song itself is very touching and honest, while performed by the gifted vocalist K.Will. I just cannot say enough good things about his voice!



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  2. Bellaluna · · Reply

    lol @ the umbrella thing, I noticed that too

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