[K-Pop MV]: SHINee – ‘Everybody’

I was pleasantly surprised this past Thursday morning, when my friend sent me a message with a link to SHINee‘s recent comeback video.

Although I did like their Sherlock and Dream Girl comebacks, I have to admit that I had really high hopes for this sudden comeback and expected to be completely blown away this time. Part of me felt that because it was so spontaneously announced, it would be a half-assed put-together, but the other part of me rationalized that SHINee‘s never released lazy work before.

Thank you my SHINee, you have yet to disappoint me, still. Their recent comeback ‘Everybody‘ is AMAZING!

When I started listening to it, the dubstep intro had me growling inwardly ‘oh no, not THIS again’. I have a love/hate thing for dubstep. I like it well-enough, the pop-dancing that comes along with it is really cool to watch. However, I really dislike its constant cameos in other music compositions. It’s just too over-used now to be called original, or even welcomed positively. It’s gotten so bad that I now cringe a little when I hear a newly released song with dubstep.


So this was the case for SHINee‘s ‘Everybody‘. However, I was wrong. The more I listened to it, the more I loved the sound. This wasn’t dubstep after all! I thought I could put it in the same category as electro. All of a sudden I was feeling a ‘house music’ vibe traveling into my ears. Well, I was wrong. This form of music is neither dubstep nor electro, but a subunit combination of the two called Complextro.

Now onward to the obvious highlight of the whole performance. THAT DANCE!!! What kind of genius came up with this choreography? It’s hard to believe something so beautiful exists!


I know the song is great, but once you’ve seen the actual dance that goes along with it, you can’t deny that you repeated the MV to re-watch your favorite parts of the choreography, and discover new ones that you missed the first time. BRILLIANT!!!

SHINee‘s choreographies have always been my favorite. Up until ‘Everybody‘, ‘Lucifer‘ was my favorite choreography, followed by ‘Ring Ding Dong‘. Even watching their live performance on stage, it’s so hard to believe someone can dance to such complexity for that long, and deliver the performance flawlessly. Simply perfect!


Because I don’t speak the language, I couldn’t really match the song to the lyrics. Their performance’s theme expresses the boys as little soldier(or pilot?) men, playing around, recharging and rewinding each other, creating a human aircraft, and much more. Basically, they appear to by synchronizing but fooling around. However, once I read the lyrics, it DOES make sense! The lyrics talks about your inner-child, and just letting loose. Very clever!


This isn’t a review, I just thought I should make this section in my blog to talk about SHINee. Along with being a Drama-Addict, I’m also a K-Pop fan




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