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Depending on what you consider to be spoilers.

It seems that the ‘supernatural’ genre, this Summer seasons has been the latest trend in Dramaland, as a large number of dramas have had this subject scripted into their plots. The Master’s Sun is a romantic-comedy with a theme of horror and thriller that stars the talented Gong Hyo Jin, handsome So Ji Sub and lovable Seo In Guk.


Joo Jong Won is the dyslexic CEO of Kingdom Enterprise. His cold-hearted and power-hungry personality make it really difficult for other people to get close to him. On a dark and stormy night, on his way back from a business meeting, he picks up a hitchiker, Tae Kong Sil, a gloomy woman who claims that she can see ghosts. This inconvenient ability causes scary ghosts to come find her for favors, but she notices that whenever she comes in contact with Joo Jong Won, the ghosts will completely vanish. Desperate to stay by Joo Jong Won‘s side so that he can get rid of the ghosts, she seeks employment in his mall as a maintenance worker, to his annoyance. He who is only interested in money finds her presence a nuisance, but slowly begins to believe in her ability, and realizes he can use her to find his mother’s missing necklace from the ghost of his dead ex-girlfriend, Cha Hee Joo. As they work together, Joo Jong Won starts to open up to Tae Kong Sil, who is the sun that shines in his dark life. 

My Impression of The Master’s Sun: 

Hong Sisters dramas are usually quite enjoyable for me, who is a sucker for cute romantic-comedies. This drama is a bit of a contradiction, because although it’s supposed to be gloomy with a dark subject and scary moments, it’s also quite adorable and comical.

I noticed that this drama had a very similar feel to another one of Hong Sisters dramas, The Greatest Love, which is among one of my favorite rom-com dramas.

I don’t like to critique one drama based on another, because I realize that I won’t ever get something that is COMPLETELY original and unheard of, so it’s kind of dumb to compare any two dramas. I also tend to not really care much about cliches (though I do notice them), so I can enjoy a countless amount of dramas based on the same plot(I’m rambling, sorry).

However, perhaps the reason I automatically pieced the two dramas together, is because the lead actress Gong Hyo Jin is the same, and the characters seem to be very similar, with their sweet and kind personality, and So Ji Sub‘s arrogant/lovable male lead also shared some similarities with the unforgettable Dokko Jin from The Greatest Love.

Although quite enjoyable and entertaining, The Master’s Sun focuses very much on the attraction between the OTP, which I believe unbalances the drama to steal away from the ‘thriller’ ambiance that one would hope for in a supernatural drama about dead souls. What starts off as dark and exciting quickly shifts to cute and predictable. After episode one, the drama becomes very repetitive as the leads run around solving ghost problems like a condensed Scooby-Doo sub-unit.

EH? When did ghosts become cute?

EH? When did ghosts become cute?

I was a little annoyed at the fact that the drama shifted from creepy too cutesy at first, but the more I watched, the more enchanted I became. I think instead of judging it as a ‘could-have-been’ horror drama, somehow I ended up appreciating the drama for what it was. Sure there was a lot of room for creativity, and the drama’s plot was always kept in the ‘safe’ zone. What I mean by that is, there’s not much complexity to this drama, but the characters themselves and the drama is what makes it so endearing.

Instead of watching a drama about cold dead people, the drama focuses a lot more on the ones that are alive, their relationships with each other, and their good intentions to help the ghosts that sincerely want their help with unresolved issues.

From a coma patient to a euthanized dog, this drama gets inventive with its ghosts, so you can expect to see some harsh real life subjects get moderately discussed.

I appreciate the fact that the ghosts didn’t seem fakely pasted onto the screen, and that they didn’t get lazy and had Casper cameo for an episode *phew*.

[SPOILER] The biggest issue I had with this drama was how quickly the ex-girlfriend issue was resolve. Too easy for a problem that had been hyped up and built from episode one. I think, even though the last two episodes were so cute, there could have been a little more emphasis so that the lead’s efforts didn’t seem so flat. [END SPOILER]

Characters and Acting: 

I really like the chemistry between the OTP. If I were to re-watch this drama someday, it would mostly be because of the couple that is, without a doubt, worthy to put up there with the legendary OTPs.


Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub were a dynamic paring for this drama, and the casting director couldn’t have made a better choice.

As for the acting, I think I mentioned above how my brain automatically thought of the characters of The Greatest Love, but although similar, the actors were able to convince me that I was not looking at the same people from the other Hong Sisters drama. After watching Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub, I really want to go find another drama with them in it, because their portrayal of Tae Kong Sil and Joo Jong Won was spot on.

Seo In Guk plays the Second-lead in this one, and after gaining a spot in my bias list with Reply 1997, you can probably already imagine my despair at his misery this time around.


Yes, I realize that the OTP is too perfect for each other, so although it’s Seo In Guk, I couldn’t wish for the romance to shift in any other direction. I can, however highlight and praise him for his portrayal of the unlucky Kang Woo.

 I keep believing that even if SIG was to completely change careers and become a full-time actor, he would, without a doubt, be successful. The guy is a natural.

The supporting cast also successfully played their roles well, I didn’t get a ‘fake’ or ‘awkward’ vibe from anyone.

Drama OST: 

The drama OST did NOT disappoint, there were some songs with wonderful lyrics that fit the drama perfectly. For this drama, it’s hard to pick a favorite, because there are two songs that really impressed me. Hyorin‘s Driving Me Crazy, and Yoo Mi Rae‘s Touch Love are both great songs to add to your Drama OST playlist.

Downloadable song links HERE and HERE.


I give this drama a 8/10.


If you really enjoyed watching this drama I would really recommend that you check out The Greatest Love with Gong Hyo Jin, and the movie Chilling Romance that also centers around a supernatural, romantic-comedy plot.

Sources: MDL, VIKI


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