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[K-Pop Korner]: Creepy K-Pop MVs

Today is October 31st! In America (and other countries), that means today is Halloween!! A day for dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating for goodies, and scary activities. For me, however, I have to spend it cramming my head for a test =_= It’s not the ideal thing to do at ANY time, but I took […]

[K-Pop MV]: Trouble Maker – There Is No Tomorrow (Now)

Trouble Maker is back, and they are hotter than ever! 4Minute‘s HyunA and BEAST‘s Hyunseung have been teasing us with their sexy pictures these past two weeks, giving the viewers a small taste of what to expect for their sub-unit’s new album release: Chemistry. After announcing their return as the mischievous duo Trouble Maker, fans have […]

[K-Pop MV]: K.Will – You Don’t Know Love

Although I had heard one or two of his ballads in the past, I was officially introduced to K.Will‘s music after watching his impacting MV, Please Don’t around this same time, last year. His smooth and controlled vocals were so perfectly suitable for emotional ballad songs that he immediately became one of my favorite Korean singers. Featuring the […]

[K-Pop MV]: SHINee – ‘Everybody’

I was pleasantly surprised this past Thursday morning, when my friend sent me a message with a link to SHINee‘s recent comeback video. Although I did like their Sherlock and Dream Girl comebacks, I have to admit that I had really high hopes for this sudden comeback and expected to be completely blown away this […]

[REVIEW] The Master’s Sun

WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS Depending on what you consider to be spoilers.     It seems that the ‘supernatural’ genre, this Summer seasons has been the latest trend in Dramaland, as a large number of dramas have had this subject scripted into their plots. The Master’s Sun is a romantic-comedy with a theme of horror […]