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But I’ll warn you beforehand, so read comfortably 😀

I wasn’t planning on writing reviews in my posts, there’s plenty of people out there that have enough to say about specific dramas they’ve watched. HOWEVER, it’s been a month since this drama finished airing, and I’m finding it really hard to get over it. I’ve re-watched it 2ce, and have repeated a few episodes and scenes a few more times afterwards. With that being said, I think that the best place to deposit my thoughts on this drama is here, in my blog.

I know I’m an impatient person, so I’d never given ‘currently airing’ dramas a try, until earlier this year when I watched Flower Boy Next Door, just to see how I would fare. As expected, I was a wreck waiting for a new episode to air.

This was LITERALLY me

This was LITERALLY me

One week to find out what happens, are you kidding me? 

So after that little experiment’s trauma, I went on with life, watching drama that was already aired, or waiting for drama to finish airing to pick it up. That is, until I heard about I Hear Your Voice. I’m used to not being part of the drama hype of currently airing dramas, but I don’t know what it was about this one. Different people suggested that I watch it, and I kept seeing posts and pictures of Lee Jong Suk’s character. I never read any of the posts, but just the fact that they were there made me want to watch it.

Honestly, I started watching this drama without a clear understanding of the plot, I only knew 2 things about this drama:

  1. Lee Jong Suk and Oska were reunited once again
  2. One of the characters in there could read minds

Story Plot: 

As an eight year old boy, Park Soo Ha develops the ability to read minds, when he and his father are involved in a car accident, and the truck driver, Min Joon Kook, who collided with them, violently murders his father. The only witnesses to this crime are two young girls, but when Jang Hye Sung steps forward to provide the evidence that convicts the criminal, Min Joon Kook swears he will get back at her. Years later, Park Soo Ha is a high school student, but still searches for Jang Hye Sung to fulfill his promise to protect her . Although a small part of her is still fearful of Min Joon Kook‘s revenge, she is now a public defender with no sincere passion for her job. With Park Soo Ha‘s abilities, and her three co-workers, she begins to learn the meaning of justice.

The plot is pretty interesting, I always love revenge dramas. I can see the ‘supernatural ability’ trend, that took over Dramaland these past few months, but the incorporation of it in this drama is very believable and appropriate.

My Impression of IHYV: 

I wasn’t completely blown away by the first episode of this drama, maybe because people had hyped it up so much, and because I wasn’t quite sure what kind of drama I was watching, so I labeled it ‘pretty interesting’ on our first encounter, but not good enough to sit there refreshing the page waiting for episode two’s subtitles to be completed(well technically, I started a few weeks after it began airing, so I didn’t have to wait for ep.2, but you know what I mean). By episode three, things were starting to move along nicely, I found a couple of songs to download into my Drama OST playlist so I was a happy camper. Some bad things were happening in the plot, like the release of Min Joon Kook, and Jang Hye Sung dared to make my Lee Jong Suk Park Soo Ha sad, but all these things were building up the drama for me, and I couldn’t ask for more.

[SPOILER]: Then it happened. That THING that shifted  the drama from ‘pretty interesting’ to ‘asdfjkl;asdfjkl;’. That bad guy, Min Joon Kook killed Ommoni! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Even just thinking about it enrages me and brings tears to my eyes, just look at all those O’s, I abused that button so miserably! [END SPOILER]

That was episode eight, and by then, it was all over, I was more than hooked, there was no way I could recover as a functional human being from that. Every Wednesday, Thursday I would spend all day refreshing the button until I got my new episode subs.

After that, the story never lagged or disappointed me. I’m not hard to please and entertain, but I can admit when something is good or bad, whether I enjoy it or not. Of course, I did enjoy IHYV very much and I even re-watched it, with a more positive perspective on those first episodes I had originally dubbed ‘pretty interesting’.

Now that I’ve watched it a few times, I love it! Start to finish, it’s ALMOST perfect. I’m a little confused as to how Park Soo Ha‘s abilities work. It’s stated that in order for him to unlock an individual’s thoughts so he can hear them, he has to look into their eyes. After that, it seems that he can hear their thoughts without eye contact, and for years, like he was able to read Min Joon Kook‘s mind from the second floor of the law offices. Yet, later on, his abilities are only good when he’s looking into someone’s eyes, but when they look away or shield them, he cannot read them. I thought maybe it changed, but once again later in the series, he can hear the thoughts of people in public places even when he doesn’t look into their eyes. I didn’t understand the limitations of his powers even after watching it twice, so I conclude that either his abilities are out of whack, or the creators of the drama had some trouble remember the details of his mind-reading powers.

Characters and Acting: 

The acting is superb, even characters with less important roles are played excellently.

As for the main characters running the circus, I have to admit, I really hated Jang Hye Sung‘s arrogance at first. I didn’t like how she used Park Soo Ha to gain an advantage in her cases, but when something unexpected happened, she yelled at him as if he hadn’t just devoted his loyalty to her. Surprisingly, but not surprisingly, her character did manage to redeem herself, and not once was I disgusted with any sign of weakness or ridiculousness.

Park Soo Ha was, of course, a very likable character. His sad past and violent anger towards Min Joon Kook brought out a side of him that was both frightening and pitiful, from his usually cool and composed personality.

I haven’t spoken at all about my lovely Cha Kwan Woo, who is the only righteous and sincere character in this whole drama. His personality brought out the good in everyone that was acquainted with him, but more than that, he was able to teach those around him without ever having to lecture or explain himself (except for those man-to-boy talks with Park Soo Ha, but a fatherless young man could use an adult male’s advice sometimes). He was even able to gain the trust of a villain like Min Joon Kook.

I have to admit, Min Joon Kook was a scary psycho, but I love this character! His is so complex and twisted that he is willing to do ANYTHING to get his revenge on the people that he feels have wronged him. [SPOILER]: For crying out loud, the guy cut off his own hand just to frame Park Soo Ha, and jumped off a building with our hero in tow! [END SPOILER]

Drama OST:

WONDERFUL! Loved every single song in the OST and they fit perfectly together. My favorite would have to be Why Did You Just Come Now? by Jong Yup. You can listen and/or download in this provided LINK.


Overall, I gave this drama 9/10.


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