[K-Drama Korner]: Life Lessons: Words To Live By

It’s not the first thing I notice or look for in a K-drama, but their quotes and script lines can be very poetic and memorable. Some of the things our favorite character say can stay with us for the rest of our lives! These lines don’t even have to be some beautiful Shakespeare-like piece of art, with double-meanings and verbal rainbows of ethics and secret to life discoveries, either.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes that are not just good words to live by, but have taught or inspired me and have helped me in some way or another:


Yep yep, I agree. Sometimes I don’t want to admit I’m wrong, even though I clearly know I am, but I have to concede. I just hate feeling like I’m the problem, despite my pride.

I trust this even more because Hyun Bin said it!

I know I’m not some kind of man expert, so some of the things I learn I have to ask. Well, now that I started watching K-dramas, I feel like I’ve got some kind of examples as to the things I want and the things I should look out for. Life’s not a K-drama, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a life reference for some things. You have to admit, Kim Joo-won’s quote may have been a silly line to bring out a little laughter in the audience, but that’s not bad advice. Thanks Binnie, for delivering them beautifully.

King of Baking is one of my favorite dramas. Kim Tak Gu goes through a lot of hardships, but he never gives up and keeps trying to overcome his misfortunes and heartaches. His bright and cheerful personality will always return after he’s had a good cry, and I believe an optimistic attitude and hard work can make us into stronger individuals that will always find the motivation to keep living life. A lot of motivational quotes can be found in this drama, so if you ever feel like crap and depressed, you can always watch this drama and thank the heavens you’re not Kim Tak Gu who seems to have been born a bad luck magnet.


Watching a pure love like Hoya’s character Kang Jun Hee in Reply 1997 taught me that there doesn’t have to be a specific reason that you love someone. If you love someone, then you should embrace that love, even if they don’t feel the same way about you. Always being there for that person and not making excuses or reasons for loving them is the most beautiful and unconditional love that will bring you happiness, just because they are happy.

Thank you doctor

You’re my autistic hero, Dr. Park Shi On

As a nursing student, I don’t want to be someone that views patients as ‘customers’. The most important thing is for the patients to stay healthy, and although many of the nursing students just think about the amount of money they will be making, I rather be a low-paid school nurse that gets to actually spend time with patients and comfort children that need a caring hand.


Y’all knew it was coming, the BOF quote ^-^

Honestly, I could quote the whole series. Why complicate love? If you love someone, you love them. It’s as simple as that, and although Gu Jun Pyo’s approach is aggressive and only adorable in Dramaland, grabbing on to someone’s hand doesn’t necessarily strictly apply to a romantic love. I always want to be there for the people I love, whether they are friends, family, significant others, etc….


First we eat, then we do everything else

Something similar to what my mom always say. I’m the kind of person that won’t eat when they’re stressed out (mostly about school), so now and my mom isn’t around to hound me to eat properly throughout the day, I have to constantly tell myself to just take a few minutes break to fill up the tank. When I’m watching a drama, yeah no problem, I can’t watch it properly if I’m NOT munching on something, but during school seasons where my drama watching isn’t as intense as when I’m on school break, I have to pay extra attention to my meal schedule.


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