It’s not often when I find a drama that keeps my attention from start to finish. School 2015 manages to tell a story with so much mystery that the viewer can’t help but keep holding on for the entire ride. Story Plot: Kind-hearted Lee Eun Bi and confident Go Eun Byul are twin sisters living two […]

There’s a certain kind of refreshing beauty to tvN’s Reply series. Keeping its unique story-telling format, the sequel is successful in presenting the viewer with its original approach to an otherwise customary program. With its slice-of-life approach, Reply 1994 takes you back to a past time where a family was originated, made up of six inexperienced […]

I think after almost a whole year of Hangukhobby hiatus, it is time for a new challenge. I figured, this should help me get back into my blogging mode, since I feel a little awkward writing in my own blog. Also, I have a lot more down time since I just graduated, and after a […]

Holy ravioli, Batman. It’s been almost a year since my last blog post!! In just that amount of time since my last post (and the last time I was logged into my account), even the website changed a little! Due to graduating and starting my new job in the hospital, I’ve been MIA in the world […]

Watching YG‘s 2013 survival program, WIN: Who Is Next?, last year was such a stressful experience. I spilled a record-breaking amount of tears for a group of trainees back then. The boys were abruptly separated into two teams and had to compete against the very people they had spent years training with. After what feels […]

In my head, S.E.S is to H.O.T as BoA is to TVXQ, SNSD is to Super Junior and f(x) to SHINee. A female counterpart after EXO‘s debut was naturally expected. Even though Red Velvet‘s debut felt rushed and I was prepared to be a little mad at how messily SM put an abrupt halt to […]

If you know melodramas, then you know Angel Eyes. If you’re expecting for something a little out of the ordinary…bless you, because I can tell you right here and now that all your guesses and predictions for the series will be correct. The most surprising thing about the drama is how much more tolerant you […]

Big Bang’s Taeyang is heating things up with his new solo album RISE, which includes last November’s successful single Ringa Linga, along with title track Eyes, Nose, Lips. Unlike Ringa Linga, Eyes, Nose, Lips is a slow R&B/soul ballad that is meant to express Taeyang’s emotional struggles of a break up. This song is pretty straightforward […]

Almost 6 months after their last revolutionary comeback, Voodoo Doll, VIXX now returns with Eternity! Equipped with electronic music and a hard bass, Eternity easily inspires a desire to dance along to it. If you’ve ever peeked through my K-Pop posts, you may have ran into some VIXX as you move through my blog. I am […]

K-Dramas have a distinctive glittery fluff that can be described as the cupcakes of entertainment television. Some K-Dramas rely too heavily on their cutesy content, while others steal bits and pieces from other K-Dramas in order to support their own production. But what happens when one K-Drama tries to do all of that? It ends up wrapping […]

They’ve only been out for 2 days and already EXO’s Overdose MVs have received a combination of over 6 million views! The Korean version currently has about 4 million while the Chinese verion has 2 million. HOLY SMOOOOOKES!! As an EXO fan myself, I love this promotion period as we are also getting a new reality show […]

YAY!! Finally, this semester is over and now I have all this freedom that I don’t even know what to do with. So what’s the best way for a drama addict to waste away their school break doing? Why, drama-binging, of course! It has not even been a whole week since my last day of […]

[Oopsies, I forgot to finish and post this before I went into intense study mode] Jeo oppadeul isaenghae! Ready to have a seizure? Good, because Block B are here to oblige. Returning to the scene with their most chaotic comback to date (which is saying a LOT), the boys have completely gone bonkers as they celebrate […]

Most of us fantasize about falling deeply in love, marrying and spending the rest of our lives in matrimonial bliss. We vow to our partners that we will be there for each other in sickness and in health, good times and bad. We swear that we will love each other unconditionally and cherish our love […]

After teasing us with a few promising previews for their official debut, YG‘s famous sibling duo Akdong Musician has finally released the entire MV for their first title track 200% (which Yang Hyun Suk picked himself) of their first album, Play.The siblings are equally talented but in different areas. While Lee Soo Hyun is the power voice of […]

Lists! I love lists! And crying!! I love crying!! Well, maybe not personally, but I do like crying scenes in K-Dramas. I’m almost positive that just about every K-Drama I’ve ever watched has had some form of crying in it. Whether it’s just a cute sparkly tear rolling down a perfectly sculpted face, or a […]

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS I am proud to say that my motivation behind watching Dalja’s Spring was not due to the fact that the irresistible Lee Min Ki is in it as a main character. This drama has been on my Plan To Watch list for AGES but I finally got the chance to marathon it this Spring […]

As someone that enjoys jogging as a hobby, I have many playlists of upbeat songs to help keep me motivated. I’m one of those people that can’t work out without music but I get bored of listening to the same songs for too long. Recently I’ve updated my K-Pop jogging playlist so I thought I […]

I know I’ve been away from blogging for far too long. I’m sure anyone out there that’s a student can relate and sympathize. As I browsed through my tumblr this morning, I noticed something interesting. Jackie Chan has just recently debuted a boy group, WHAAAAT?! Okay, this shock may have been old news to you […]

There are many ways a K-Drama addict finds their next series. Sometimes they are recommendations from fellow addicts, other times we search for K-Dramas that are in the same category, genre, or similar to the K-Drama we just finished watching. However, I think the most special way to find a drama to binge on is […]

Before I begin talking about BTOB‘s newest comeback “Beep Beep“, I will rant a little about this group first. BTOB is not my first K-Pop group, but you could say that they are the ones that revived my love for it. I don’t know what happened but after Big Bang released their albums “Alive” and […]

YAY! I’m finally done with my K-Pop 30 Day Challenge! I gotta say that this was a little tougher to keep up with because of school. After school I’d have to jump into study mode but going in to do my daily challenge was always a fun little escape. I did have days where I […]

Mamamoo is back with another collaboration, this time teaming up with vocalist K.Will and featuring Wheesung. Can this project get any better? Oh, why don’t we add VIXX‘s drop-dead gorgeous visual Hongbin and sassy leader N into the stew pot? This is my first time hearing Mamamoo, I did notice their first song, Don’t Be […]

From the time of their powerful debut, B.A.P has earned the recognition of being the ‘tough’ idol group. Conquering the hearts of many with their aggressive music, B.A.P established their image from the very beginning, unlike most other groups. This doesn’t mean they have not experimented with their music. On the contrary, B.A.P has never […]

Now that January is over, so is my tumblr 30 Day K-Drama Challenge. It was a lot of fun and some days I even had to hold back from answering the next question. Although I did complete this in tumblr, I thought I’d post them here where I don’t run the risk of losing everything […]

Ga In‘s back with another mature 19+ solo release, and this time we get an intense message delivered to the us through her sexy time with actor Joo Ji Hoon in her MV for “Fxxk You“. You probably remember Joo Ji Hoon from legendary hit K-Drama, Goong. Even though I do know that he’s done a few […]

If you scroll down the main page of my blog, you’ll notice a superior amount of K-Pop posts. The majority amount of my day is spent listening to music: when I study, when I’m driving to school, when I’m cooking/cleaning, browsing the web, if I’m not in class or the clinic I’m most likely listening […]

Call me arrogant if you will, but I usually don’t expect much from rookie groups. Whether or not the debut song is good doesn’t affect my opinion of a group because I’ll probably not become an instant fan (there’s a few exceptions). This doesn’t mean that I will despise them but my opinion of rookie […]

I was honestly not planning on writing about JYP‘s fresh new group, GOT7 that recently debuted with “Girls girls girls“, but my roommate’s been playing and singing this song all freaking week and I can’t get it out of my head now. To understand what the whole hype around this group is, I went ahead […]

K-pop has started the year off in turbo mode as another great comeback for this 2014 New Year, B1A4‘s “Lonely“, can be added to the list of awesome songs that have been coming out one after the other. I really liked this song. It’s a good song. To be honest, it was not at all […]

As someone who grew up watching Anerican medical dramas, I never would have expected myself to pick up a Korean series of this genre. I’m not sure why I picked Good Doctor to begin with but the plot seemed really unique and impossible to me. Plot: Park Shi On‘s dream is to become a pediatric […]

Starting off our girl group comebacks of 2014 with another “Something” title song, Girl’s Day has released their new MV and set the bars way-way high for the rest. I have a confession to make: I was never a huge Girl’s Day fan. Because of their songs such as “Twinkle Twinkle” and a few others, […]

What a way to start the New Year with TVXQ as the first K-Pop MV of 2014!! Our TVXQ duo is back with a new song “Something” that is all too classy and catchy to match their sexy and delightful MV. First of all, I’d like to thank SM Entertainment for getting our boys out […]

Since these are my favorite songs, I feel like they’re all just as important as the other. The order doesn’t matter to me all that much. Some days I feel like listening to one song more than the previous day’s overplayed song so it’s not like I prefer one group over another or choose based […]

Unlike most years, I did a pretty good job at keeping up with  2013’s K-Pop rookies. Since I started the nursing program in January, I wasn’t able to watch as many K-Dramas as I used to, but this also provided the opportunity I needed to become better acquainted with K-Pop. The following is a list […]

Singer-songwriter-composer-producer Junhyung of CUBE Entertainment‘s idol group B2ST has been working hard on his solo debut album Flower, and what a lovely surprise it is! I’ve always thought that Junhyung should sing more, he’s actually quite good. However, I’m glad this year was Junhyung’s year to shine, with not just B2ST’s comebacks, but his lead […]

After what seems like an eternity, Heirs has finally concluded. If you haven’t done so yet, you can watch this drama *HERE*. This is the first time I wait for a drama to air for this long. I was really anticipating it from the very day it was announced sometime in March. I’m not crazy enough to remember […]

Do you want to know what one of my favorite things in the world is? Coffee. I can’t get enough of that hot, palpable fragrance to your nose that you can taste it before you even touch your mug to your lips and drink in that thick, milky fluid. Coffee isn’t just a drink, but […]

I tend to put FT Island in a different category as other idol groups. Along with CN Blue and LED Apple, FT Island is an idol band where the members play their own instruments, rock out, and still look like characters out of teenage novels that you would never run into in real life. You […]

As you may have noticed, Dramaland has its fair share of fashionistas. Those characters that are always wearing fabulous clothing that you feel the need to take screenshot of practically every outfit they wear so that your awful fashion sense can have a reference the next time you visit the department store. Unfortunately, just as […]

 Pro C (Problem Children) is J.Tune Camp‘s new rapper sub-unit of the boy group that is scheduled to be debuting sometimes in early 2014 that consists of members Moos and Buffy. There’s not much to say about the MV content, you don’t even get to see the members’ faces; the whole video is very simple. […]

I’m really excited about VIXX‘s latest comeback. After watching their teaser images and video, I was really looking forward to watching Voodoo Doll on the day of its release. Unfortunately, school hit me like a ton of bricks this week, but I am now finally home from school, watching K-Dramas/K-Pop MV’s (my definition of a good time). […]

Whether you suffer from a chronic infection or catch the occasional sniffles, if you’re a drama-lover, chances are you’ve been exposed to the emotional trauma trigger disease of Second Lead Syndrome. Second Lead Syndrome is a noninfectious disease, often primarily affecting the female population that dwells in Dramaland. Despite its inability to transfer from one […]

Trouble Maker is back, and they are hotter than ever! 4Minute‘s HyunA and BEAST‘s Hyunseung have been teasing us with their sexy pictures these past two weeks, giving the viewers a small taste of what to expect for their sub-unit’s new album release: Chemistry. After announcing their return as the mischievous duo Trouble Maker, fans have […]

I was pleasantly surprised this past Thursday morning, when my friend sent me a message with a link to SHINee‘s recent comeback video. Although I did like their Sherlock and Dream Girl comebacks, I have to admit that I had really high hopes for this sudden comeback and expected to be completely blown away this […]

WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS Depending on what you consider to be spoilers.     It seems that the ‘supernatural’ genre, this Summer seasons has been the latest trend in Dramaland, as a large number of dramas have had this subject scripted into their plots. The Master’s Sun is a romantic-comedy with a theme of horror […]

WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.  But I’ll warn you beforehand, so read comfortably 😀 I wasn’t planning on writing reviews in my posts, there’s plenty of people out there that have enough to say about specific dramas they’ve watched. HOWEVER, it’s been a month since this drama finished airing, and I’m finding it really hard to […]

It’s not the first thing I notice or look for in a K-drama, but their quotes and script lines can be very poetic and memorable. Some of the things our favorite character say can stay with us for the rest of our lives! These lines don’t even have to be some beautiful Shakespeare-like piece of […]

I won’t claim to be a drama expert, because I’m not. Just like any other drama-addict, I started with one drama. We were compatible, and after I re-watched it 3 consecutive times , I picked up a new drama, then another, and another. There are thousands of K-dramas to choose from(along with other series from […]

My Dramaland journey began with one of the most well-known dramas in the Asian entertainment industry. Yes, the Korean adaptation to Hana Yori Dango, Boys Over Flowers. Cinderella story plot with a heroine that roundhouse kicks the most powerful young man in South Korea that is not much less than a prince….we were a match […]